ABE Motorcycle Discount Warehouse

ABE Motorcycle Discount Warehouse

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Published: 27 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On 23 March 2006, I purchased two Avon tires from ABE Cycles that Abe indicated were new tires. The tires were not new and fell to severe rot shortly after purchase. Attempts to talk with Abe fortune had failed so I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau. Abe Fortune eventually replied to the report and appears to have attempted to deceive the BBB by claiming he did not even know me nor have any record of the transaction! Fortunatel I do have proof that he knows me and had sold me the faulty tires in question. I had my tire replaced today (8 July)from a local repair shop. On this day, I was advised that I was the 3rd customer to come in that day who had problems with ABE Cycles. Ironically, one of the other customers had a problem with a tire he had purchased from Abe. The shop replaced the front tire and validated that the tire was too dry-rotted to have been a new tire when sold to me. They also indicated that this is an older style of tire which they said is no longer sold, and pointed out that the tire was stamped “Not Intended for Highway Use”, which I was not aware of. Unfortunately, Abe had deceived me when I had purchased this unsafe tire. I have kept the tire as evidence. They also pointed out much slime inside the tire. Other customers in the shop advised me not to deal directly with Abe, due to what the other customers called his “mental instability” and the customers claimed that he had previously threatened other customers with a gun, when angry. They indicated he has a criminal record and is a convicted felon.Again, this is what the customers said, but they all said the same thing. Following the customers’ advice about my personal safety, I did not take the tire to Abe cycles, but safely called the shop on the phone. The person that answered said that he was the new owner and he indicated he was aware of other customers’ concerns about Abe Fortune. The new owner said he valued my business and wanted to make things right. I summarized the situation to the new owner and he said he would speak with Abe and call me back. I can say I was quite happy to hear from someone from ABE Cycles who could speak with concern and professionalism. At the end of the day, I called Abe Cycles back to speak with the new owner, but Abe answered. When I asked to speak with the new owner, Abe lied and said, ?This is Tom, Abe is gone for the day. What do you want?. I asked again to speak with Tom and Abe said, ? This is Tom, you stupid mother fu*&@r. Abe said you are trying to gouge him for a tire you lying dog, mother fu*&@r?. I continued to be polite and professional and asked again to speak to the new owner. Abe continued to spew obscenities at me, and still insisted he was Tom, the New owner. I said, I think this is Abe I am speaking with?. Abe said, ?Well, maybe it’s yo moma, you [email protected] dog mother fu*&@r. F&*k your moma, mother fu*&@r, [email protected] mother fu*&@r? After a few more obscenities, he said, I no longer own the place so SUE ME!?, and hung up. After a couple minutes I called back and a different voice answered, who identified himself as the new owner. I informed him about the call two minutes prior, and he verified that it was not really him that said the awful things to me. Tom spoke quite appropriately and professionally and it was clear that Abe had attempted to impersonate him on the phone, and it was Abe who spewed the bizarre profanity at me. Tom did say that he was not able to provide any refund and I informed him that I would continue with my complaint. The tires that I purchased from ABE Cycles were faulty when sold to me and my previous attempts to rectify the potentially life-threatening situation were met with very aggressive and bizarre behavior. Due to the seriousness nature of the situation and the serious safety concerns related to attempting to negotiate directly with Abe Fortune, I will continue with my complaint through the Better Business Bureau, Texas States Attorney General office, as well as local Military channels. I really wish this repair/parts store had worked with me on this issue as well as worked with the numerous other customers who have been threatened or run off. To others wo have delt with Abe Fortune and wish to rectify bad business complaints, I will advise you what other customers advised to me; do not deal with Abe directly. The phone is much safer as you can not get shot over the phone. Steve San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.

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