abe's cylinder head clinic

abe's cylinder head clinic

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Published: 20 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

i took my diesel truck to abe`s because of antifreeze in oil ,truck was checked out and i was told i had acracked block,so i had them order a new block strengthen with nickel and had them rebuild entire engine.weeks later i phoned to see if engine was ready and was told that debris had passed through engine and blew the turbo which they also rebuilt new turbo was put on and i picked up truck and payed the bill for rebuildof engine 7600.00 after getting home noticed smell of diesel and i took back to abe`s to have checked out,they tigtened injector and i picked up truck only to get home to find out injector still leaking changed myself as i am a mechanic for 25years.took truck backbecause service engine light came onand code said was vaccuum problemwhich they didn`tfix.i put vaccuum gauge on pumpand it showed low vaccuum pressure,itwas the hose to the new turbo.think they would put a new $2.00 hose on $1300.00 turbo.i also have a knock in engine that i pointed out just after picking it up .we test drove truck but he said he couldn`t hear it and that it was high compression from rebuilt engine that i was hearing!!! so i continued to drive seeing they were`nt going to do anything.i have 40,000 klm on engine now and have antifreeze in oil took truck into abe`s have it checked out .they want 3400.00 tocheck and replace head gaskets,if thats what problem is and guess what warranty is expired everybody else gives 100,000warranty,oh when he test drove it he could here the knock now .coincedence

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