Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo ACTS Law Firm

Abir Cohen Treyzon Salo ACTS Law Firm

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Published: 09 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

**Warning** STAY AWAY FROM THIS FIRM FOR ANY INSURANCE CLAIM ASSISTANCEThese are the most unprofessional and unethical lawyers who on numerous occasions crossed professional and ethical boundaries in handling of my home insurance claim. First and absolutely worst of all, do not count on an actual attorney representing your case. Instead you will be assigned to a “case manager” (a law student) who will be communicating to the insurance on your behalf. None of the communications this firm sent on my behalf to the insurance was actually signed by the attorney I hired Alex Cohen but instead by a law student yet they charge the exorbitant fees of an attorney without providing attorney services! The whole point of hiring an attorney is to escalate the matter to someone of more expertise who has legal power to influence the insurance but you won’t get that from this firm. Not a single communication was sent to the insurance from an attorney. Next they write a retainer that only protects themselves without honoring any of your wishes. For example we told them before we retained them that we want to be informed of any expense over a certain threshold, but they completely ignored this request and at the end of the case then deducted numerous expenses from MY portion of recovery which I had not approved. When we asked them why we weren’t informed of these expenses that were over our desired threshold, they said even though this request was made in writing via email, it wasn’t in the retainer! Then the attorney Alex Cohen sent me a appalling, unprofessional email claiming that such a request to know about the expenses of my case was “absurd” if you can imagine that!! They actually believe for a client to know expenses that come out of their own portion of recovery is absurd! And they certainly didn’t think it was “absurd” when I made this request before I signed a retainer. This should give you a glimpse into their awful moral compass. Next, on numerous occasions they withheld checks much longer after they were cleared for no justifiable reason. Furthermore, they attempted to deduct expenses from before they were even our attorney and had an attorney client relationship. Many unsuspecting clients would not even notice.They crossed professional boundaries and yelled NUMEROUS times at us for not being patient enough in waiting for checks but we would check with the insurance and the checks were already cashed by them and just sitting in their bank account for weeks!! Once they even claimed they did not receive a very large check from the insurance company and asked the insurance to reissue this very large check. After further investigation, it was found that they actually had not only received the check but it was sitting in their bank account for weeks. So many things this firm does is underhanded and shady.It was an unending nightmare dealing with this firm. They actually made an already stressful experience of having our home damaged much more stressful for us by their unprofessional ways and scare tactics. I absolutely could not wait to release this unprofessional firm from my life. I tried to end things amicably with a nice professional note but they continued to show their unethical and unprofessional tactics until the bitter end which I did not engage in. So glad they are out of my claim and should I need help in the future for any insurance claim I will be sure to hire actual attorneys who will represent me competently, compassionately and professionally, unlike anything this firm embodies.

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