Able's Auto Serv Center

Able's Auto Serv Center

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Published: 10 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In the summer of 2008 I took my Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo into Ables to have the A/C repaired. They charged me $200 and said it would be done in a week.I had to drive from richardson to Garland in my Grandmas car just to get it back a full week later. Only to discover they didn’t fix the A/C. I had to pay them an addition $200 dollors to get them to put my leak pan back on and fix it a second time.After waiting an additional week. They told me I would have to pay them another $200 dollars to reapir it. By this point i had learned my lesson. Hoever my idiot Uncle Still uses them for all his company vehicles at All American Electrical, despite the fact that Mr. Able and his sons have never fixed an of his vehicles.

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