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Published: 19 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Home Depot to do a home kitchen remodel job which consisted of refacing the cabinets and drawers, installing a new sink and granite counters.u00a0Home Depot was hired to do a kitchen remodel for almost $18K where upon I was to get granite counters tops, bar top and back splashes. When the granite was installed it was found that the installers cracked the large 8′ back splash and attempted to hide it, when contacted about the crack, they said that it was a fissure, Home depot and stone works (a company hired by Home Depot) agreed that the granite was cracked, HD settled to resolve the issue (only for the cracked back splash). The company that installed the granite, Abraham Custom Creations also cut the bar 3/4 of inch short causing the wall mirrors to fall thru, they are the ones who measured the bar top not me but then said that I told them to cut it that way then later retracted and said that it was cut short to relief stress of the granite). Home depot hired Stone works to come out and fix the issue. The installers installed a really nice deep stainless steel sink and the failed to tell us that we had to pay for a plumber to move the plumbing, an extra cost to me as Home Depot contractors do not do plumbing. After 7 months the handles to the cabinets were losing their paint, we would go to Home Depot and see if we could exchange them or maybe get a more expensive set, we bought $11 handles for the cabinets only to find that all the holes that were drilled were off center causing the handles to look crooked, the also installers tightened the screws so tight they left indentations into the wood so we could only use the handles installed. It was also found that the granite counter top for the stove side was cut too long thus not allowing the stove to be moved, thus finding out that the installers had dented the top of our new stove. We contacted Home Depot about this issue and they sent out a manager, this guy walked in and upon entry asked if he could use our bathroom thus urinating all over the floor and toilet (this was the 2nd time someone from Home Depot did this). He looked at the counter noting that it was too long, not even a piece of paper could fit between the stove and counter, he was shown the dent where he said, hmmm looks like a manufacture defect but filled out the claim, he looked at the handles noting that they were crooked and finding that the cabinet installers busted the wood in a couple of the drawers when installing the face plates to the drawers. We waited about a week for a call and by not getting one we called home depot and spoke with a manager named Trey, well this guy made so out of the world statements. He said there is always going to be imperfections to any installation no matter how much you spend. In regards to the handles he said “just take them back to home depot, they will keep exchanging them” wow I have to do that every 7 months, why? (there is 10 cabinet doors off center) Trey said “can’t you just move the refrigerator down then move the stove over, well if he came out he would of known that could not happen since the stove fits between two sections of granite and if they had to cut the granite they would need to remove everything, risk busting the already cracked granite back splash which is something they didn’t want to risk. He said then that they would get back to me with regards to the stove damage and the damage to the drawers. This never happened, I kept calling and nothing. I called the credit company and stated that I was going to hold my payments to them in an account just for them until the issues were resolved, they said they would looking into escalating the case to someone higher than Trey. I was contacted by the insurance company for Home Depot called Sedgwick, I spoke with a S. Wills who listened and stated that they were the 3rd party to Home Depot and the insurer for Home Depot. I was asked to send pictures and what I paid for the stove, I did, I got an email asking for the correct spelling of our names for the check, then today I got this email with a contract which says they will pay for the stove, in full but they, Abraham Custom Creations and Home Depot want to be excluded from any past or future issues. What, how is that about my stove? I told them that this claim was for a stove and asked who made out the contract since they are a 3rd party and insurance company looking out for the interest of Home Depot. I was told that it was Abraham Custom Creations. I said that I cannot sign that contract, it would release Home depot and Abraham for all claims I have made, that I am not that hard up to go and just drop all the problems I have just for 1200.00 and pay on a horrible kitchen remodel that cost me $18K, were is the logic? We have had Home Depot and its contractors here several times to repair issues, but it seems that they are only creating more issues than then ones they are fixing. I would again have to uproot my home, move everything and put up with all the mess and headaches and for them to do what? I also do not want these people who state horrible things about us, they stalk us on the internet and post things unrelated to the work they were contracted to do, not my personal life, they consistently lie or say one thing but do another. They need to compensate me for my stove they damaged, the counter that has to be removed and recut and the several doors and drawers due to the off center drilling and busted wood and I will then look and hire someone reliable to do the work that I originally contracted Home Depot to do. Now after all this, it may seem that we are complainers, but after spending almost 18K and the end result is this, ask yourself this “would you just settle for all these imperfections for $18K”?!!!

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