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Published: 23 September 2018

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While most stalkers lurk in the shadows, a brazen few prey on their victims in broad daylight without shame or fear of reprisal. Meet Tony Mead, owner/operator of Absolute Best Moving in Hollywood, Florida. For the past several months, this serial cyberstalker has hosted the Sandy Hook Hoax (SHH) page on Facebook, a meeting place for preadtors actively engaged in the defamation, stalking and harassment of those devastated by the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) massacre of December 14, 2012. Mead and his cult-like group of conspiracy theorists, also known as Hoaxers, refuse to admit that 26 women and children were brutally murdered on that tragic autumn day in Newtown, CT. and are determined to convince others that those who lost loved ones were actually actors in a “false flag” hoax orchestrated by the U.S. government as a pretext to gun confiscation. As one of the nation’s more obsessive Hoaxer’s, Mead has gone to great lengths to besmirch the memories of those slain and to deny grieving parents their right to heal in peace. His SHH page has become a chief source of disinformation about the SHES tragedy and a breeding ground for libelous accusations and unfounded conspiracy theories. Although Mead and his fellow Hoaxers blame the highest levels of government for concocting this so-called “scripted event,” their relentless campaign of predation and intimidation has been cowardly waged against the surviving family members as well as the heroic emergency responders and school staff whose acts of bravery saved lives and helped mitigate the crisis. Facebook has become a convenient mechanism for Mead to recruit likeminded paranoids to help spread his message of hate. Each Thursday night he hosts a video chat session where Hoaxers from around the globe gather to slander the living victims and witnesses and to exchange personal information about their whereabouts and activities. Among the members of Mead’s hate group is Susan Stanton, a deranged woman who claims that murdered Sandy Hook child Daniel Barden is actually her son, stolen at birth, and still alive. Mead has promoted her ramblings on his SHH page and supports her efforts to dig up Barden’s grave. Mead is also a close ally of Wolfgang W. Halbig, a known confidence man who collected roughly $30,000 from gullible Hoaxers and then virtually disappeared before making good on his multiple promises. Like Stanton, Halbig has openly called for exhuming dead bodies. He’s also vowed to track down 26 children who sang at the 2013 Super Bowl and expose them as actors that posed as the murdered Sandy Hook children. More recently, Mead has targeted Gene Rosen, the elderly Newtown resident who provided shelter to children that fled the scene of Adam Lanza’s brutal attack. In a July 6 post on SHH, Mead bragged about a harassing phone call he placed to Rosen’s home and then scoffed at the warning he later received from a Newtown police officer. These are only a few of the many vile activities that Mead has either promoted or engaged in personally. He makes no effort to conceal his identity and is not shy about taking credit for the pain and suffering he inflicts on his victims. Hopefully, decent Americans will not be shy about expressing their outrage at this kind of egregious behavior and take steps to put a stop to Mead’s reprehensible activities once and for all.

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