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Absolute K-9 Services

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Published: 12 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Nobody likes puppy mills. The only think I think people hate more than puppy mills are child molesters. Here’s the story of a puppy mill operator that also rips people off. He’s a special kind of jerk. I think your viewers would be interested in seeing you shut this guy down. In a nutshell…. Well, let me introduce you to a puppy mill that has taken things to the next level. They produce an unimaginable amount of dogs per year, but also rip people off and refuse to ship dogs or refund people their money. There’s really no telling how many people. This guy is he’s operating freely because it’s difficult to sue him for just a few thousand out of state. I’m a Dallas resident that just recently paid $1200 for a Belgian Malinois from an Atlanta breeder. This was to be the second dog I purchased from breeder, Eric Winstead. Malinios are a popular law enforcement and military working dog. They’re amazing animals. Tragically, Remi, my first malinois passed at 5 years of age just over 4 weeks ago. My family was crushed, as this was more than a pet. He was a handgun, an alarm system, and best friend all rolled into one. When my daughter was scared at night, who would she ask for? Remi. Despite coming from Eric, Remi was the best dog ever. I still don’t know how he died. Anyways, after Remi passed, I contacted Eric. “oh, I’ll give you a good deal. I’ve got a litter that just now ready.” Without thinking about it, I told him that I wanted one. Very emotional decision. I did no research, because everything went smoothly with Remi. Since then, numerous complaints have shown up online. It took me two weeks to get the money together. I just had surgery, and wasn’t exactly budgeting for a new dog. Eric knew this, but I got the money. I did everything I said I would with Eric. He got the money to him on the day I said he would, and he refuses to ship the animal. He keeps saying that the airline won’t let him, or that it’s too hot. It’s a 2 hour flight. The dog can be shipped in the morning, just fine. He’s missed 3 ship dates, and won’t give me a refund or a definite ship date. On his last missed ship, he told me that he was turned away at AA cargo because of the crate. This guy ships dogs all the time, I knew that was BS. So, I called AA Cargo in Atlanta. They told me no one had been in there with a dog that day. I told him I wanted him to get on the next flight, as my daughter is super bummed every day the dog doesn’t show (and this has been going on for a while). Of course he gets super defensive, and tries to turn it on me, which immediately sets of my BS detector. Well, we started doing research, and it’s not pretty. He’s apparently a total puppy mill. Ships over 250 dogs per year. (highly discouraged me from picking up the dog in person). He also takes deposits and doesn’t ship dogs. Here are some of the reviews I’m finding online about him. I’m surprised no one has listed him on here before. www.workingdogforum.com/vBulletin/f26/has-anyone-used-heard-absolute-k-9-services-eric-winstead-25963/index2.html www.germanshepherds.com/forum/choosing-breeder/192618-eric-winstead-absolute-k-9-services-reviews.html

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