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Published: 27 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Absolute Security left a flyer at our house with ADT printed all over it so we thought we could trust them. So Jamesen from Absolute Security came to the house and we told him we only wanted a 1 year contract and he said it wouldn’t be a problem. We told him we wanted the PULSE service which is supposed to include automated lights, door locks, and a camera. They did the basic installation and said the other items for the pulse would take 60 days to install because they had to check for “bugs” in the system. So we asked for exterior cameras because we were leaving on vacation soon and Jamesen said ADT cameras were too expensive but he could do us a favor and hook us up with his cousin who installed cameras. His cousin wanted $3000 to install eight $42 cameras and a DVR that costs $60 and then he said he would connect the service to my phone and Ipad. After an hour of this guy yelling at me on the phone and then another hour of him yelling on my front porch telling me he wasn’t a crook and how dare I look up the price of the equipment he was installing I was able to get him to install better cameras and a DVR. I was in a pinch and needed the cameras because we were leaving on a month long vacation so I agreed. Then I talked to the guy who actually was installing the system and found out he was only getting paid $300 and that each camera only cost around $65 to $80 and that the DVR cost around $100. So for $3000 dollars I received about $690 worth of equipment and $300 worth of labor for a total of $990, while this “cousin” pocketed the other $2010. Then I asked the cousin to hook it up to my phone and Ipad, which he replied that would have to be another guy, but it would only cost me another $75, so I called the guy and when he showed up that guy said it was $150 because we were outside of his usual area. So we swallowed this new line of B.S. Later I found out that the guy who installed the service on my mobile devises (Richard) was actually from Absolute Security’s office located 12 miles away from our house. We then waited the 60 days and called Absolute Security to finish the pulse installation, they said they would call us back, they never did. I called several times after and never heard back from them, and like they planned I eventually forgot about it. They never installed any part of the pulse package for which by this time we had been paying them several months for. One year later we decided to move to Washington so we called to cancel our service with ADT and Absolute Security and the woman Victoria said that would be fine once we paid $1800 for the next two years; we said we wouldn’t pay it because we were only supposed to have a one year contract and we were moving to an area that didn’t require their service. She hung up the phone on us, so we called her back and explained again why we would not be paying. I pulled out the contract they gave me and it did not mention anything about a 3 yr contract. So then Victoria emailed us an 8 page contract which we did not have a copy of, our contract was only 3 pages long. So we called ADT’s main office to see if they could do anything and they basically told us they weren’t going to get involved. About 3 weeks later we received a letter from absolute security saying they were going to put a lien on our property for $1800 if we did not comply with their terms, funny thing was we weren’t late with our last payment and we were actually still over paying them for the pulse service which they never provided!!! They accepted the automatic payment 2 days after they mailed the letter!!! We had never defaulted payment, we weren’t even late with the last a payment and they still sent the threatening letter. THIS PLACE IS ONE SCAM AFTER ANOTHER!!!! STAY VERY FAR AWAY!!!! .

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