Absolute Towing-Mr. Ron Archuleta, Operations Manager

Absolute Towing-Mr. Ron Archuleta, Operations Manager

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Published: 21 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Went to the “Black Sheep” a local Colorado Springs concert venue to see “The Reverend Horton Heat” Show. Parking is somewhat difficult around the venue. I found a spot about a block up from The Black Sheep onPrairie Road. across from Trinity motors. Theres a strip of office buildings in the 300 block of Prairie. Little did I know at the time that the Office on the end of the building was ABSOLUTE TOWING. I parked at the opposite end of the building in front of a Business that says “FOR RENT” in the window. obviously being as its 9:00P at night. After Business hours and a vacant business, and I didn’t see any signs saying; “No Parking” “Cars Will Be Towed” Came out of the show at Midnight and my car was gone. Had the security staff at the Black Sheep call the Police and they said ABSOLUTE TOWING impounded my car. I called ABSOLUTE TOWING and they said: ” Uh… Yeah…Uh… We got your car. if you want it back it’ll be $254 CASH!” That’s really easy to come up with at midnight on a Monday night especially when most A.T.M.’s will only give you $200. “But.. If you pick your car up tomorrow morning it will be $188” So, what’s the extra $66 the night of? A bonus for the “Stellar” work of the tow truck driver? Went down to ABSOLUTE TOWING the next morning when they opened @ 8:00A And Low and behold there is a sign stuck in the ground in front of the building: “No Parking, Violators will be towed” There was NO sign the night before. because I inspected that area very closely the night before and took pictures in case I wanted to talk to my lawyer. And I called the Police the night before Again to tell them there were No Signs posted. and the police said: “There does not need to be signs posted” Does that mean the entire City of Colorado Springs is a Tow Away Zone? As I waited in the office of ABSOLUTE TOWING to pay the overpriced amount of $188, I looked around at the “Fly By Night” look of the office. Featuring One cheap desk, a couch and a refrigerator. A REAL class act. Also propped against the wall were several of those “No Parking” signs that they take down at night. They must use those as “Bait” put them up in the daytime and then take them down at night so unsuspecting concert goers at the “Black Sheep” can have a wonderful surprise when they come out of the show.. Their Car is GONE! ABSOLUTE TOWING is a SCAM, Rip-Off, and Colorado Springs Residents BEWARE. Look before you park.

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