abundant living faith center el paso tx

abundant living faith center el paso tx

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Published: 02 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

07/24/2018 After attending Abundant Living Faith Center for two and a half years with my three daughters, becoming a member and trying to be obedient to God and become volunteers and serve God at our church, I disappointedly found out that this church is a far cry from practicing what it preaches. It does not practice what it preaches!! Here is our testimony. First of all, like all big corporations, banks and government and law enforcement agencies, they do a very thorough and prying background check on everyone before they place them as a volunteer. I can understand that to some extent, due safety concerns with such a large church, and I also new I had some issues with my past that I knew would come up. These issues have long since past, and have been overcome. My mistakes of the past, my present life and my daughteru2019s life are a great example and testimony of how God has worked in my life, changed me, forgiven me, saved me and turned me into a new and extremely blessed man of God, with very much to offer and give to the church as a volunteer, including my own life testimony. By your fruits you shall be known. My fruits speak loudly for me also. This church proceeded to exclude me from volunteering in a totally blind, tactless, impersonal and judgmental way. Not even notifying me of my status, for which I had to make numerous phone calls over a period o about two months. Or without even attempting to interview me to find out more about me, my past and who and what I am now and how much my life has changed in the almost 20 years that have past since I had this issue in my life, as a new child of God. Or what kind of person I am now and what I had to offer this church after attending faithfully for almost three years with my three daughters, and very faithfully and generously contributing financially also. We are a very good and blessed family, and I am a very good single father and good man of God, raising three daughters on my own, and faithful members of this church for almost three years After many phone calls with very arrogant and cold, rude and judgmental staff members (among them was Rachel Haddad) and being shuffled around and not getting anywhere, I decide to schedule a meeting directly with pastor Charles Nieman, in an effort to present myself to him, explain to him about my history and my familyu2019s history and how God has worked so many living miracles in my life and my daughters, share my testimony with him, and give him a clear picture of who, what and how my life is in present times. Not basing their decision just going by a piece of paper on their desks, but by meeting me and seeing what Gods love, grace and mercy can do in a persons life. God changes people and their lives. How can a church judge and exclude someone with so much testimony and so much more to offer, from serving the church that they loved and wanted to serve, without any courtesy, respect, consideration or even an interview. After requesting an appointment, I was scheduled to see the Pastor around three weeks after I requested the meeting After the three weeks were almost past, on the day before the appointment, I received a call from his secretary Nancy, postponing the meeting for almost another month. To me it is unacceptable to have to wait almost two months to be able to speak to your pastor. All this was going on while two of my daughters had already been serving the nursery (with Gloria Castruita, a very nice person) for over two months, so they already knew two of my daughters. I could never get my third daughter properly placed either for one reason or another. That was another big issue I had with the staff of the 180 ministry (Priscilla), who was never available on the phone or elsewhere to let my daughter know whether she was going to be needed or not. She never even bothered to return any of our calls. Very arrogant and inattentive staff members, acting like they are doing us a favor by letting us serve God in their church and acting like I was an annoyance to them. This church and its staff and policies are contradicting themselves and what Jesus teaches in the Bible. Jesus said all are welcome by him in his body which is the church and all are new creatures in him who accept him as their lord. The Pastor encourages and teaches that is imperative that you serve your church. He said it in boiling point series, which is the series they give you when you take the membership class. The Bible nor the pastor say that those with a past need not apply. On the contrary, those persons need the church the most. Without them there is no ALFC. On his opening on June the 30th 2013, Pastor Charles said that Jesus said all the heavy laden shall be received by me. Everyone will be accepted. And I quote. Look it upu2026 Really? Does ALFC practice what they preach? I KNOW I HAD VERY MUCH TO OFFER AS A VOLUNTEER TO THIS CHURCH!!! BEWARE.!!! ALFC DOES NOT PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH.!!!. This church and its staff pushed me and my daughters out and away from the church we loved and called our home. The way we were treated hurt us all very much, especially my daughters who were very happy serving in the nursery ministry. I decided to cancel my appointment with Pastor Charles and we will no longer be attending ALFC. And it doesnu2019t look like anyone cared about our leaving either. You are really a nobody at this church..

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