AC Cycle Roger Bergei

AC Cycle Roger Bergei

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Published: 06 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

AC Cycle are gouging customers and providing shabby service. I spoke to AC Cycle about boring my cylinders. They made everything sound great, so I took it in. What should have been a 1 week job ended up 3 weeks. They gave many lame excuses as to why it was taking so long. When I went to pick it up they had installed an expensive set of cams that I did not authorize. Their excuse was, “you really should have them with that bore kit”. Which I knew to be untrue. Less than 60 days later I notice the front and rear heads are leaking. Mr. Bergei tells me that I must have over revved the engine before it was broke in. That they would have to charge me to fix it. Upon doing the work myself, I discovered the heads to be improperly torqued. One bolt was not even tight, and I did not need a wrench to remove it. I noticed the ticket for their work had no specifics on what type of cams they installed. When I called to ask, they didn’t know. This makes the cams worthless, and a problem if I wanted to do some head work. Upon doing head work, I had to buy new cams because Mr. Bergei and/or his people do not keep proper records for any of the work they do. I have since met others that have had like experiences, and warn you as a consumer to ask around before trusting your motorcycle to these people. Rayinspringfield Springfield, MissouriU.S.A.

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