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Published: 18 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I’m not going to mention any names here, because I realize that some people are “just doing their jobs”. My wife and I purchsed 2 Saturn vehicles from the Saturn Dealership in December of 2000, they were 2001 models. I have owned 3 Saturns prior to this purchase because I honestly believed in the company and it’s quality of vehicle. What I have since discovered is that GM uses faulty batteries to run and operate the vehicles they sell. The battery they use is AC Delco (which is owned by General Motors – something I was not aware of until this afternoon). In 2002 my car would not start. Upon opening the hood I discovered that the positive connection to the battery was wet and something had been leaking out, battery acid. I had to get the vehicle towed to the dealership, but in the process the guy doing the tow had failed to put the car into neutral. I pointed this out to him and he told me something to the effect that he had been doing this for years and he was doing it right. Black marks were made on my driveway as a result and after the battery was replaced I was told that there was also damage done to my brakes. Fast Forward to September of 2003. My wife and I moved to Central Florida. She was about to go to work and came back into the house to tell me her car would not start. I went out and sure enough, the EXACT same thing happened. Battery Acid had leaked out. The good side, no evident damage appeared to have been done and EVERYTHING was covered under warranty. The battery was replaced and we were told it had an 18 month warranty. Fast Forward to September of 2004. I am driving my car along the road and it suddenly dies on me. Coasting to the side of the road I begin to freak out a little. I turn the car off and then sit for a moment then try to start it. It starts, so I immediatly take it to the Saturn Dealership. Upon opening the hood, guess what? The positive connection was yet again corroded. It’s a lucky thing I was not driving on the interstate that day! They had to change the battery, but this time it was pro-rated to me. I spent $69.95 for that plus $3.13 for a bolt, plus who knows how much for the install, I had some other work done so the install price is not itemized. Fast Forward to today, January 13th. My wife is again about to go to work and comes back to tell me her car won’t start. Before I even look, I can already assume it’s the positive connection leaking acid. I went down and took a picture of it, which is what you see here. I called the Saturn Dealership and they tried to tell me that it was not covered under warranty, that from September of 2004 to now exceeded 18 months, I tried to correct his math, but he assured me I was wrong. My math tells me it’s 16 months, but what do I know? I was also told that the warranty on my wife’s car only ran for the first 3 years, or 36,000 miles. Odd how I was holding in my hand the Service Plan Agreement for her car that stated we had a 5 year/60,000 mile warranty coverage. He also told me that towing and install would not be covered under the warranty either. I called my wife at work (she took my car) and explained this all to her and we both agreed that it sounded like a crock. She called them and then called me back and told me that someone in the Service Department said that both the battery and the install would be covered under the warranty. At this point I became very confused and called them back. I was now told what my wife had been told; that the battery and the install were covered under warranty, but that we had to figure out some way to get the car towed there, the towing would still not be covered. I got off the phone with the dealership and called the Saturn 800-number for roadside assistance, the same number we had called the previous 3 times this had happened. I gave them my VIN number and asked about my warranty and the lady told me that towing WAS covered under my warranty. I hung up and called the dealship to let them know my car would be brought in. They told me that their computers were down and they would have to take my information down manually. Within an hour and a half after hanging up with Roadside Assistance my wife’s car was towed to the dealership. I’ve yet to hear anything from the dealership in regards to my car, but I can honestly say that my faith in General Motors is almost gone. I cannot understand how I can get such a run-around, how they can outfit their vehicles with a battery that obviously has some issues, and yet they have not done a recall on the batteries to fix the issues! Can you imagine driving you car with you family on the interstate then all of a sudden it dies on you? What kind of lawsuit do you think the parent company of AC Delco would face in an instance like that? Instead I guess the would rather replace the bad battery with another model that will do the same thing. I can guarentee that I will post a followup to this after I hear what they have to tell me. David Palm Bay, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on AC DELCO

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