AC Delco - Saturn

AC Delco - Saturn

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Published: 22 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Disappointed with AC Delco and Saturn, Concord, NC. I’m reading the problems with AC Delco Batteries leaking and thought my problem was isolated. From what I’m reading, AC Delco Batteries are not reliable and expecting reimbursement has been futile. My 2004 Saturn wasn’t starting…initially it wouldn’t start occasionally, then more frequently, then not at all. Had it towed to the dealership and the first diagnostic was the crank shaft sensor so paid to have the repaired ($300+). Two weeks later I see liquid leaking from under my car. I knew it wasn’t the air conditioner because I hadn’t used it that day, saw it was water and my engine started running hot. Drove to the dealership and had them take a look. It was the AC Delco battery. It had leaked and corroded the plate it sits on and had leaked through the radiator hoses and fittings…Don’t know how much battery acid is circulating through my system but was assured any battery acid would be diluted. The dealership informed me my battery was under warranty but prorated. They replaced the hoses, clamps and patched the plate the battery sits on and charged me for another battery, flushed the system….that was another $400. The dealership also told me they did not handle warranty reimbursements and to contact AC Delco. The dealership provided an 800 number to call. Called the 800 number, the agent was sympathetic and indicated my incident was not typical for their batteries…Yeah right…now I know different. I provided the information regarding the battery, the cost for repairs caused by their leaking battery and a field rep contacted me the next day. The field rep went to the dealership to document the leaking battery and the replaced hoses, etc. I received a phone call from the field agent who told me my repairs would be reimbursed and the cost of the new battery….This all began on September 1, 2016 and I’m still waiting for reimbursement. I’ve called and left messages with the field rep who has returned one of the messages to say the person responsible for my paperwork had left on maternity leave two months early and someone else would get back to me….well, you know the story from here. No one has called me, the field rep doesn’t return my calls and no one can provide a person’s name, telephone number or email address for me to follow up. I’m at the mercy of the field rep. I’m driving with another AC Delco battery that may or may not leak. I may have have had battery acid running through my car’s cooling system doing whatever additional damage I won’t be aware of until something else breaks. The crank shaft sensor may not have been a problem after all….it could have been the battery all along. The Saturn dealership says they can’t provide or have anything other than the 800 number I initially called. The agent at the 800 number continues to take my information and tells me he’s sending to the regional office but won’t provide an address or a telephone number for said regional office. So all I can do is keep calling the field agent and asking about reimbursement. Any suggestions? Maybe the reimbursement can be part of my estate when I die.

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