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Unpleasant outcome

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Published: 18 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Magnolia Rivers. I recently bought a house with my husband, our first home, and we were so excited, things were going our way for a change. After a month of living there, the walls started to show signs of humidity, and if you left the door of one of the rooms closed for too long, you could smell the damp. We were new in town, so we didn’t really know where to get help, we asked around, and someone finally recommended the AC Plumbing guys. I wasn’t sure at first because, how would they help with my problem? But we called them anyway, and honestly, we shouldn’t have done it, they were just a waste of time and money. They seem to be particularly interested in getting as much money as possible from you, getting the problem fixed is a secondary part that may or may not be done. We called them on a Monday, they said someone would show up first thing the next day, no one ever came, we waited the whole week and nothing. We were already looking for a different service when the man finally showed up, he apologized saying it was a packed week. I still remember the stench of his clothes and the way he touched and used everything in our house as if it was his own. I wanted to dismiss him, but my husband convinced me he could fix the problem, so we gave him the tour, showed him the problematic areas of the house. The first thing he said was that he was positive that the problem was with the AC units in both rooms of the house, he’d check on a few things and call us the next day with a quote for the repairs. The call was 2 days later, with a quote that was higher than we were expecting, but we agreed. The next day he showed up on time, did his job right (also he didn’t smell), and left, we paid their overpriced service and thought our problems were finally gone. 2 weeks later, the walls looked even worse, and the smell was also spreading across the hallway. I called the AC Plumbing number to see if they had some kind of warranty for this situation, they said they’d call me back. We had to call them at least 4 times for them to finally answer, and I don’t think they could’ve used a cheaper excuse to refuse to give us a refund. So, the man over the phone said that the technician that came had told us the price for what he thought was the problem, and he made sure we understood that it may actually not be the case. All lies, of course, the man had said he was certain that was the actual problem, we didn’t just hear what we wanted to hear, yet the man over the phone was calling me a liar, saying it was not their fault that the AC repair didn’t fix the issue. It’s not like we’re experts in home stuff, this was our first, and I find it awful that this kind of companies try to take advantage of people that doesn’t know much, instead of helping.

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