Academe Advantage, LLC.

Academe Advantage, LLC.

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Published: 28 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company is a total SCAM. Full of crap. A “non-profit” organization that helps you get accepted into colleges! Yay! (Sarcasm) They send a letter to your house and it says ” _____’s future is too important to miss this meeting!” They supposedly help you get into college and teach you about financial aids. I went to it because my parents wanted to. I went to the Informational workshop with my dad only and it was dumb. We met with a guy named Roger Scott Albertson and he constantly kept repeating ” I didn’t know about financial aid until my 4th child.” I swear he repeated that 20 times. The worst part was when he said,” my 1st son wanted to play football so I got him a coach, my 2nd daughter wanted to do gymnastics so I got her a coach. My 3rd daughter wanted to do ballet so I got her a coach. And when my 4th daughter said she wanted to go to college, so I got her a coach.” He sounded like he was crying when he said it. He faked it. It was so much b.s. They basically give you an online/hotline “coach,” you can get help from 24/7. To help you prepare for tests and get “accepted” into college. Colleges already help you with financial aid. High schools have TEST PREPS already! So this guy and his company give you nothing you can’t find elsewhere. | After the workshop every family got a “personal interview.” This was the worst part. We got called up for our interview and Mr. Albertson had the fakest smile and voice on. Then he busts out this paper that says they charge $1,900 for the coach!!! What the hell. I thought this was free?? And my dad told him no we don’t want this coach because it’s not necessary and it’s expensive but he kept saying,” Calvin’s future depends on our help. We will help you get money for college. We will help him get into college.” He didn’t mean it. He wanted our money. We continued to say no but he kept giving us deals such as $100 something a month then he even went to $29 a week! He wouldn’t even let us leave!!! He wanted our money that bad??! We told him no because we have bills to pay and we can’t add that onto it. Yet he still continued to say he “understands” while trying to make us buy it. So my dad just told him we would go call my mom and see what she wants to do. He told us go outside the room and call mom. FINALLY we got out the room. Me and my dad ran out the hotel and that was the last of that. I highly suggest not giving your money to companies like this. It’s a scam and it’s so overpriced. The dude was so fake. DONT FALL FOR IT PEOPLE!!

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