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Published: 07 March 2020

Posted by: Bethlehem1957

Academy uses a logistics company.. Ceva Logistics. If you try to contact Ceva, you will not be able to understand their rep or their driver; their English is very poor and their service is poor. We ordered 2 Pelican kayaks back on 5/24/18. We tried to buy in store, but because of their sorry customer service, we complained to their customer customer and were offered enough of a discount to outweigh the shipping cost, and the price was pretty good. Last week, I received an email about the order and when I clicked on the link I got nothing. So, I called customer service again and this rep was rude and untrained. The first question from her was “..don’t you se the little truck moving along the bottom of the link?” I again repeated that. I get a blank screen when I click on the link. Rep. …”well hang on, let me check.” 5 minutes of Muzak on hold..then..”Ceva can’t reach you at telephone number you provided.” I gave them home and cell numbers.. Rep tells me. I have to all them on Monday to schedule delivery. Keep in mind that they have (Ceva) have now had our kayaks for almost a week and a half. No one called either number that we gave when we placed our order and now, they have over $500.00 of our money tied up waiting for this carrier to deliver. Just this past Tuesday, 6/19, Ceva was to deliver our kayaks from some time between 11:00. AM – 3:00 PM. At 4:00 PM, I call Ceva and I am told “we ran out of room on the truck, we will deliver tomorrow, 6/20 same timeframe.” Same thing happens on the room on truck. Today, Ceva shows up in our neighbors driveway. My husband goes out to get kayaks and the driver is now dragging the kayak over a gravel driveway to “deliver it “…notice I said kayak, not kayaks, and more importantly DRAGGED OVER THE GRAVEL! Considering that this kayak was even the kayak we ordered, which it was. NOT, who in their right mind would sign for something treated so poorly?…and we don’t know what else was been damaged because we wouldn’t accept the wrong kayak…I hope that whomever they try to stick this kayak knows to look really close at the bottom! Through this whole mess, Academy has sat back and really done nothing to get our order delivered. No wonder companies like Amazon are taking over the market! And now, we have to wait until Ceva returns the wrong kayak that has been ruined to get our money back. I’m told two weeks until we can even look at our refund! Maybe this isn’t a lot of money for some, but it’s something we have saved for! This has got to be the worst consumer experience we have ever had, bar none.

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