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Accel Tires

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Published: 26 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Okay a few months ago I had a car accident. Leaving my car to be repaired: new paint, new hood, new what ever that got messed up (the whole front end of my car). I filed a insurance claim, and they sent the check to get it repaired and the loan company’s money because they considered it a totaled car(which in fact it was not totaled). Ao took it to Accel tires where they work on cars. The transmition needed straightened out, radiator fixed,etc… paint job was okay (considering the many scratches the shop left for me on my car). The headlights worked fine until they started repairing it(now the motors are gone?). The radiator (which I wasn’t aware of this until a few days ago) as I thought was repaired is actually tied on with bungy cords. WHAT THE F***. Okay the driver side window won’t roll down now. It did before I took it to the shop. The gear shifter(it’s a automatic) when I put my car in drive, it acutally shows it is in neutral, but it is in drive. So basically I paid to get my car fu**** up. (The other guy I took it to for the body work did a good job, but the auto mechanics just scratched it up). If I knew this was going to happen and get my car even more screwed up, I would have taken it some where else. V. salisbury, North CarolinaU.S.A.

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