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Published: 09 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

after driving my car for the last couple of days it was fine. the next day I tried to start it, it would try to start but not fire. after changing alot I had it towed to this guy to have it checked why the car was not able to start. after 3 days he called me and said that the car needed a new crankshaft sensor and it started.he told me he will call when its done, but few days passed and nothing from him. I called again after 3 days and he said that the car started and now it would need a new injector and igniton control module. I told him ok to fix that and call me when its done. again it passed like another 4 days and he didnt call. I went down to pick up my car,but someone else was there and said to come back the other day. I called the next day and the guy said for me to come over there, because he wants to show me what was wrong with the car. I went down there and he said that it would cost too much money to have this car fixed. after inspecting the engine alot of things was returned to the place in the engine. the alternator was ruined and I needed a new one. he just told me that its not worth to fix my car again.I old him what happened to the engine because it wasnt like that when it was at my home. when it was at my home it idled normally. now over there when I started the car the engine idled at like 3000rpm and it shaked so badly I had to turn it off right away. I got into an argument with a guy because he ruined my whole engine now. I had to have it towed to another mechanic and see what he is going to say. Im thinking I might need a another engine because the losers ruined it. Elvedin Des Moines, IowaU.S.A.

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