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These guys are not to be trusted by all means!

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Published: 09 November 2018

Posted by: michael

Do not trust this company! I am 26 years old. It’s been three years since I graduated with a business degree from a top university here in Canada. I was working as a financial consultant in a local company near my apartment, and I had quite a bit of saving in my bank account. I had seen how my friends had struggled for the first few years after graduation. I wanted to avoid such a situation and had saved most of the money that I earned. One of my friends suggested that I should invest it and start earning some profit out of it. So I invested it in a small food start-up. After doing small background research, I decided to approach

I had heard a lot of positive reviews about them previously, of course. They even came to my company for a routine seminar. I approached them personally with my query, and they told me that they would register all my details post the seminar. Later, they called me up and invited me for a business dinner at a top hotel here. There, I met Mr. Peter Singleton, and he convinced me that associating with his company would be the best decision for me, without which everything would go awry. I was unsure of signing a deal with so little a negotiation, but this person kept pestering me. He even told me theirs was the only company in this locality that did really good advertisements. Due to his insistence, I paid him the first installment of three hundred dollars by cash.

Mr. Singleton did not get back to me for weeks. Exhausted finally, I called him up and demanded an update. At first, he kept telling me that everything was underway and that he had started the process. But I started arguing with him, asking him for an explanation. He was so arrogant to me and talked to me as if I was beneath him. He had an all-knowing attitude about him. He did not pay back my money. He took all my money and I foolishly had not insisted for a contractual agreement with him the night I met him. I had asked him but he had told me that he would mail it to me later. Officially, there is no proof that I have given him the money. But I am willing to fight this out in a court. I have already approached a lawyer regarding my matter. Discussions are underway now. I hope the outcome will be positive. I called him up thrice after that. The first time, he kept telling me that everything would be okay and that he would get started on the work immediately. The next two times, he merely kept yelling at me. I demanded my money back. But he told me that was not possible. What kind of unprofessional behaviour is this? That too, from such a reputed company with extremely good reviews on social media platforms.

Later, I came to know that a very similar thing had happened to my friend as well. He was starting his garment business in an upcoming town here. He had put his heart and soul into this. It was his first venture as well. He met Mr. Singleton and paid the first installment of seven hundred dollars by cheque. But unlike me, he made sure that he signed an agreement with them. But there was a clause in the paper saying that the company was not responsible for any of the damages incurred to the advertisements (my friend had asked for billboards). The company did not get started on the work for two months. My friend kept calling all this time, yelling at them, asking them to return his money back if they did not intend to start the work within one week. After yelling at them a lot, they agreed to start the work immediately. The advertisement campaign consisted of a series of small billboards as well as two big flex-like advertisements. A month after they were put up, heavy rains lashed all over the place, and a huge tree fell over this billboard, causing it permanent damage.

Since only a month had passed, he contacted his insurance company. They told him that they would be able to do anything only after a formal intimation from the advertising firm. Hence he called up and informed them of this situation. Since this was a situation they had not anticipated, they agreed to have an initial round of negotiation. But the next time he called, they did not express any familiarity with his case. After talking a lot with them, they told him that they would call him back. They did not. He called them a third time and asked for Mr. Singleton personally. It was then that they let him know that to get the billboards repaired, he would have to pay the entire money all over again. He was devastated. He called up the insurance company again, and they told him that there is nothing they can do. He is still fighting for justice.

Friends, do not let popular ratings get to you. The company can be completely fraudulent even if they have good ratings.

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