Accuracy automotive

Accuracy automotive

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Published: 13 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My car broke down, I had this company tow it to them. They checked it out and advised me my Timing belt broke and I bent all valves. I talked to the owner and thought he was a honest Mechanic (cause I’ve ran into terrible ones). He told me all his sob stories about them doing work on cars then having to take possesion of the vehicle because the owner doesn’t pay the balace due on time. I could respect this cause I had just the opposite happen. Mechanics would take my money then never finish my car on time. The manager and I spoke for nearly 45 minutes. The job was going to run $1500.00. I asked the owner would I be better off getting another engine if so I have a personal friend and mechanic who can do this for $1200.00. The owner advised that if I didn’t have to old of an engine there would be no need to replace it and after replacing all valves, timing belt & head gasket the engine would perform better. Since I would have had to get my car towed over 40 miles away to my friends shop (about $100.00) I went ahead and let them do the work. The car was finished in 1 week (WOW!). I had never had a major job like this done in such a short time. When I got the car back and ran it the engine had had alot of antifreeze spilled on it so it was smoking as it burned off (which I felt they should have done before I picked up the care. Then my Idle was bouncing up and down and when I asked the mechanic to adjust it he acted as if it was an inconveniance. Finally I left and let the antifreeze burn off as I returned to work. I checked the oil when I got to work and everything was cool. I checked the oil again 1 week later and it was still looking good. Two weeks later my oil light came on (WHAT!). I check my oil and its almost bone dry. I check my rear bumper and there is oil spots everywhere. I refill my car with oil and call the shop. The mechanic tells me since the top have of the engine had been practcally brought back to new standards the added compression forced one or more piston rings to give way. I told him if I had of known that was a possibility I would have bought another engine. He said that it’s a rarity and only happens when a engine has over $180k miles and has headwork done. I was furious, I spent time talking to the owner about my situation, listening to his sorry stories, promptly pay them, they didn’t test drive my car after completing the work, deal with a snot nose little mechanic’s bad attitude & now I will eventually have to replace my engine! Upset Somewhere in, VirginiaU.S.A.

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