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Published: 13 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was looking for a lil cart for my boy to play with and the go cart I purchased through Annette Bracco (through here, I know, BIG MISTAKE: asreferenced by her daughter, Mrs. Karen Aguayo (another matter entirely as I found her jewelry not to work after a couple of days…) fell apart! Through a mutual friend, i developed a deep and close relationship – personal – with Mrs. Aguayo. Ms. Aguayo in turn tried to hawk her wares towards me, which I successfully purchased (partly out of sympathy) since I did think her jewelry was kinda pretty! Anyways, before getting into that, Ms. Aguayo told me that her mother sells go carts. Interested, I decided to purchase one for my 11 year old child on his birthday. His 11 th birthday – which was on March 29 – came and went and still I heard NOTHING (I ORDERED ON MARCH 10, 2014) and so I contacted her (Aguayo) since I had no phone number for her mother and asked (why was she taking too long). Mrs. Aguayp assured me that it shouldn’t ncecessarily take too long and that she would contact her mother. Almost a week goes by, nothing. Then, that is when, Aafter the 30th, still pissed and fumming, I made the call and asked her how long it would be. She told me 10 more weeks! LIVID, that is when I pressured her sending me MY order for my little baby boy sooner! I got it in the mail, surprusingly, on May 6, and boy, do I tell ya, when I say that product was SCREWED UP, it was SCREWED UP! The wheels weren’t even attached! The paint was coming off….it was thinning…and, the go cart did not even closely resemble a go cart, crap was COMING APART like unusual! Just, don’t buy from these people. And nevermind Ms. Aguayo’s service of jewelry (she threatened to come after me with the MAFIA if I reporter her to the better business bureau – lol). This woman (here is her Facebook where I found her in case you need a point of reference: also makes assorted stuff, jewelry, etc. You don’t wanna support her ( )as her stuff will crumble the minute you hold it (the paint on her “”jewelry”” melts off the minute you touch it and your palms are sweaty and they – the “”diamond studs”” – don’t stay on for a mere few days. Don’t buy ANYTHING from either of these con artists; ANYTHING

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