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Published: 24 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Its kinda funny @ how this Co. treats their employees. When I first started there, I was told 9 dollars n hour vs. commission which I gladly took. They hand me a pitch & on the phone I go selling the so called Hyperflex air hoses. In the pitch, they state that you buy some hoses and as a PROMOTION, Goodyear is offering 1 additional hose @ NO charge. Which you the salesperson pushes on the customer as an incentive to make the sale and ACE Industrial pays ALL shipping and handling to the customer. Well, BULLSHIT!!! once I hit a commission check, I was then told that I had to pay for the so called FREE hoses that I sent out to shops for that pay period. ALSO every invoice that I had gotten back from ACE as a paid Acct. had a Freight & stc charge on it. Um…Thats called SHIPPING & HANDLING. I have gotten sales orders back from the shipping Dept. that I had called the Customers back & they had told me & the Mgr. that they did NOT cancel their order. not to mention the deals that you get back on a friday on your check that you didnt even know cancelled during the week.

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