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Ace industrial

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Published: 31 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Bought ‘droplights’. $160 worth. Useless. One shorted and set classic car rug on fire. Tried to get compensation, refund. “Leave message”, “Leave message”. I finally ‘googled’ Ace and wound up on this site. Saw what low-lifes I was dealing with and gave up. I continued to get call after call. I called the “salesmen” every name there was. I told them about their mothers. I gave them lewd instructions. NOTHING worked. Someone I know heard me one day screaming obscenities and asked me what that was all about. I told him. One day, I was out getting parts and he answered the phone. He ordered over $1100 worth of ace junk tools. I got a call from ace one day that I was on their “don’t call list”, so I needed to call a certain # and they would then ship the tools. I told them I didn’t want any tools, didn’t order tools and wouldn’t be calling anyone at ace. Why am I still getting calls if I’m on the DON’T CALL list??????? Well. I was out getting some parts and the ‘tools’ (junk) showed up. I normally leave a signed check in case parts come while I’m not at the shop. UPS showed up and my employee paid the bill. I returned, found out and immediately stopped payment. I put the tools aside and waited. It took over a month, but some fecal outfit called Cross Check started calling and harassing me. Apparently, they ‘guarantee’ all “bad checks” and try to collect. (Even a stop-pay?) Esentially, they take the dispute out of a valid dispute. I even photocopied my raised middle finger and sent it to the fecal collector, Mc Daniel. He called to thank me and hung it on his cubicle. Still got calls after calls, after calls. Ace (they blamed Cross Check) then tried to get my money illegally. I couldn’t understand how an attempt was made to redeposit a check with “STOPPAY” stamped across the front of it. I was wrong! They submitted a draft that THEY generated to my account that actually says, “This check authorized by your depositor. NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED”. Wow!!!!!!! I closed the account. Ace STILL calls. They called yesterday. I ordered $460 worth of stuff and will also get ‘tons’ of “free tools”. The shipping department called today to verify everything. This is not the first time. I ordered $600 worth of grinding discs a while back. Never got them either. I know ace isn’t dumb enough to send the junk today either. Next time, I’m going to order $3000 or more worth of worthless stuff. Sooner or lated ace will find a way to successfully REMOVE me from theit call list, their don’t call list, and their verification dept. I will continue to escalate the orders and annoy their “sales” people until they stop harassing me.

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