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Published: 07 December 2018

Posted by: Author, Eddie Smith

Hello, I have been having very bad problems with Ace Tools whom is the maker of Ace Translator. I have received over three Emails from a Dan Smith of Ace Tools making claims that the Serial Number I used to run this Program on my System that have been said by many to have Spyware as well as a Keygen installed within the Program it self. Not only is this Dan Smith is Harassing me to buy this harmful Product that is all over the Internet as a Caution because of it’s Spyware as well as Keygen he or at least Ace Tools has also “Hacked” my System to go inside of my Email Address on my Master Account and now is believe to be doing something to interfere with my Internet Connection Speeds because I notice after responding to Dan Smith last Email my Download Speed has dropped and no changes have been made to my System. Even more so I notice I haven’t been receiving any Emails since this time on this very same Account. I feel that Ace Tools is threat to their Customers and should not be in Business of Computer Software nor Hardware for they have already abused this in the worst ways possible. Their Software is being badly talked about on and it’s no telling how many other Websites. Dan Smith have made comments to me in Email that his Legal Team is pressing charges against me but yet I haven’t seen any of this action into play in which I take as a threat as well. I feel that Ace Tools have earned the right in every single way that there is to be placed on the FBI’s list of the most wanted Hackers in the World because there is something very seriously wrong with their Business Practices. I’ve enclosed one of the Emails as proof below that should help out in this case a great deal as Dan Smith his self tried to explain to me how he got into my Computer. I’m afraid knowing that this has happen knowing that the Software could very well still be on my System some how and some way allowing Ace Tools to continue to harm my person and Computer. The piracy reporting is triggered ONLY WHEN the software detects that it’s a modified/cracked version, or a pirate license is used. There’s nothing wrong on our side. The problem is that you used a pirate license key to unlock the software illegally and removed the time-limit in the trial version. This is software stealing, and had violated the law. That’s why you must buy a legitimate license. And this is your last chance to settle this license violation in an inexpensive way. Since you confirmed you will NOT buy a license, I’ll let our legal team to sue you shortly. Good luck. Dan Smith From: djhightek [mailto:[protected]] Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 1:50 PM To: [protected] Subject: re: Ace Translator: Software Copyright Violation Oh yeah you should know all too well that Theft is a “Serious” Crime but yet you all at this so-called “AceTools make Theft as part of your Business practice going and coming. Read along with me if you dare: Attention. Important information Ace Translator search Data and Emails.of your system Warning Trojan Horse; Kaspersky Anntivirus reports Trojan Horse W32/Kine The program ACE translator gathers mail addresses, and it sends at ACE. Now because I know that I have done nothing at all wrong and I have all this information on you guys at Ace Tools and “Solid Proof” from my Firewall Program that you all Hacked into my Computer I think you made a very serious mistake by these crappy Emails that you have sent talking Law Enforcement and if that is what you want that’s just what I’m about to bring to your Dinner Table with a Lawsuit against your So-Called Company for Hacking my Email Address with my Firewall being “SOLID” Proof of that. Besides as I read from Website to Website your Product Ace Translator isn’t doing so well because you read the proof of that right before your very eyes. I am filing Harassment charges, Hacking charges, Theft of personal information charges and a Lawsuit on you and you best believe my Lawyer is top shelf. You are the one that asked for this Soap Opera and now you are about to get served every last single Spoonful of what you so simply asked for along with others whom have reported this very Hacking and Trojan problem with your Company a Company that is about to go down just as fast as it went up and don’t take this as a threat because threats are for Kids. This is a promise from me and all the others whom bought your Product only to be “Spied” on. As you can see I included both sides of the conversation with Dan Smith so that you will be able to have a better understanding of what was being said. As you can also see I have including to Dan Smith information copied and pasted from Softpedia’s Website where it mention Ace Translator having Spyware and Trojan Horses within the Software. Author, Eddie Smith

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