ACM Gold rips almost a million dollars from its customers and refuses to refund

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Published: 27 August 2017

Posted by: Marion H. Forand

I’m an Architect trading in the Forex market for more than 7 years. I started trading when I was still at the university and everything was going smooth before I started dealing with ACM Gold. This company had a very good reputation in Africa and considered by most to be the best brokerage firm in Africa. I heard about ACM Gold everywhere on the Radio, Television, and the internet. They had very impressive reviews online and I was rapidly tempted to switch to this brokerage firm. I had many experiences with many brokers but I would like to say that ACM Gold was the most impressive I had worked with. This beautiful story turned to a nightmare I’ll never forget.
I started trading with ACM Gold on the 11th of June 2012. That day, I opened an account and deposited $3,000 as first deposit via a wire bank transfer directly to the Liberty Reserve account of ACM Gold U6896600. I officially had my fist trade experience with ACM Gold two days later and it was interesting because I made $ 178 that day. This was good for the introduction to the game with ACM Gold. I traded with ACM Gold for the next 6 months without downloading money from the Forex account, doing nothing than increasing my capital because I had the dream to raise my account to at least five times ($15,000) my first deposit before retrieving some funds.
On December 12th, 2012 I had $8,576 in my ACM Gold account and that day I received a message from ACM Gold where they were apologizing because they will no more work in Ghana due to a few issues. They had disabled all customers’ accounts in Ghana and added that all the current balances are secured in their Ghanaian Back Account. I was asked to contact Mr. Odo Simeon (the IB at that time) for refunds or any sort of information. They said that they were no more responsible for any business that might be going on with Mr. Odo Simeon. They also proposed that if I wished to continue with them, I should withdraw my money from Mr. Odo Simeon and re-deposit the funds on their global bank account.
That was just about it and I kindly requested my money to their main IB Simeon. One week later I got no response to my demands. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and I tried with a second email. Still got nothing after that. I emailed directly to ACM GOLD and they redirected me to their IB in Ghana claiming that all the funds had been paid already.
I went back to their representatives in Ghana, I presented myself with all my account details and I was told that they did not receive any payments from ACM GOLD and suggested that I should go back to ACM GOLD so that they can give me a proof that the paid the funds.
I then wrote to ACM GOLD with all my accounts details, narrating the stuff with their representatives and asking for prove that the money was transferred to their representatives in Ghana so that I could get paid. I waited for 7 open days and nothing. I later sent more than eight emails to ACM GOLD and till today, I got no response from this scammer.
At first, I taught that I had been scammed by Mr. Odo Simeon but now I know that it was ACM GOLD that intentionally ripped off all my money. They keep up claiming that refunds were done when requested within a day or two but I’ve asked my money for years now. I found more than 50 people requesting for their money and none was satisfied since then since the number of unsatisfied customers keeps on increasing.
The truth is that ACM GOLD did not transfer the money to their local IB because they are incapable of providing proofs of the contrary. They could not try this type of bad business in America or in Europe but they came to Africa (Ghana) where the rules and regulations are not properly applied. I filed a case against them and since everything goes slowly in Ghana, I’m still on it, losing my time and more money but still got nothing.
I don’t recommend somebody to ever register to ACM GOLD ever!

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