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Action Auto Repair

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Published: 13 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

BEWARE!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE REPAIR SHOP YOU HEAR HORROR STORIES ABOUT! Incident #1: I traded my GMC Jimmy plus $200 to Action Auto Repair for an, according to them “good running”, little Chevy S10 with a newly rebuilt transmission. Not out of necessity but simply because I wanted a little pickup. The day I traded, I didn’t even get the pickup 1/2 way home before it broke down and everything just kept going from there! I had to replace the starter twice with them and finally a third time on my own and other things kept going wrong with the tranny…leaking, slipping Time and time again, I paid for all repairs that it needed! The 1st 2 months I owned the vehicle, it was at Action Auto Repair for one thing or another. All mine needed to run was the fuel pump. I told Action Auto Repair several times, keep the $200 I paid for the truck and I would gladly take my Jimmy back plus pay for the one repair that it needed to run! Not wanting to take the Chevy back to them cause they obviously don’t know what they’re doing, I crawled under the truck to see where the leaking was coming from. The transmission was missing bolts & the tranny mount plus the pan was scraping the frame. Remember this transmission had been rebuilt right before I traded for it?! Also remember I said that I replaced the starter the 3rd time? It was also missing bolts and the shim. No wonder why it fried AGAIN! Incident #2: I also took my Dodge Durango in to them. After they installed a used transfer case, the transmission started slipping. I complained about that, and through BBB communication they said that they had never worked on the transmission! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe a transfer case is part of the transmission?!?! Connected right to it?!?! They also worked on an electrical problem that I had with the Durango… I had no brake lights, I’d have to put it in Neutral and start in order to put it in any gear (if I started in park, I could not get it out of park), and lastly, cruise control worked fine but in order to shut it off, I had to push the on/off button on the steering wheel. Pushing on the brake would only make it go FASTER! Needless to say, I’m right back to square one with my electrical! …All this within 2 months! Guess they seen me coming! Do it once, shame on you, fall for it twice, shame on me! One of last times they had my truck I paid for the repairs and picked it up on a Friday. As soon as I got home, you guessed it, the truck quit running again…having the same problem as before! So I called the bank and put a stop payment on the check! Do you blame me? They sent it to collection. I paid for all these things to be fixed and they are NOT! All I am after is what I PAID FOR but they keep charging me when it’s obviously their shoddy work! I am right back to where I was before I took my vehicles to them and spent all that money. They made out like a bandit and here I sit with 2 half-assed running, unsafe vehicles! They never even made any attempt to apologize or offer to PROPERLY & PERMANENTLY fix the problems without charge. Even if they did offer, I guess maybe I’d be scared to take my vehicles back once again. They’re just worried about getting the $200.00 that I put a stop payment on! In short… DO NOT PURCHACE A VEHICLE FROM THIS RIP OFF ARTIST & DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH YOUR VEHICLE!!

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