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Published: 24 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

i had a slow leak in my front passenger caused by a nail. I was looking for a place patch it. I took it to Action Tire and let them up sell me on a new tire. These people put the wrong size tire on truck which messed up my transfer case. 2 weeks later I heard some loud thumping noise. I took it to my mechanic and was told the tire size was wrong on that is what caused it. I took the truck back to action tire and informed the owner Danny of what happened. He told me to go his mechanic and have him repair it. His mechanic was a bozo Before I went to the mechanic danny offered to put a free tire on that was the right size. However the damage was already done. Not to mention the tire was a piece of crap and ended up blowing Danny obviously didn’t want to pay for the repairs from the damage his employee caused. HIs clown mechanic kept shucking and jiving that he wasn’t able to reach danny on the phone. I called Danny myself and got him on the first phone call. Danny only offered $200 to go towards repairs. The job was $1300. I would find out later his mechanic wasn’t even certified so I’m glad I didn’t leave the job to them. I took them to court. I took them to court and had receipt where it was written that they mounted and changed the tire. They won the court case with a bold face lie saying that I came to the garage with a friend and took the tire out of the trunk his car. I drove my truck down there by myself and they took the tire off and changed it themselves. I never went down there with anyone. What they said was pure fiction. The idiot magistrate Orlando Williams ruled in their because he plain and simply believed a lie. The part that gets me was the girl who testified and told the lie was the daughter of the owner. My parents taught me to never lie. What kind of parent would condone their child being a liar? Especially being a grown up. What kind of magistrate will let a lie stand in court and win a case? If you ever have a flat tire it is worth taking it some place that is reputable and will own up their work and mistakes even if it costs more. These people have no morals or integrity and his mechanic is a joke and fraud as well. Seriously his mechanic put the wrong transmission in a car once. BEWARE OF THIS PLACE

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