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It is saddening that big brands such as these are failing to deliver on their promises.

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Published: 03 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In today’s world, there are a lot of ways to ways to gain muscle but one needs to be careful regarding the product and the company which sells them. Being a fitness enthusiast, I was advised by people to start taking supplements to maintain a fit and healthy physique. My main aim was to maintain my body and its sculpture as I had worked hard to keep my physique chiseled. I started searching for supplements by a good company as it is usually recommended to use good quality products. After a lot of researching, I came across the brand of Active Lab and after reading some reviews, I decided to go for it. Since I did not have much knowledge regarding supplements, I called the customer helpline provided on the website.

After talking to the customer service executive and telling him all about my workout regime and routine, he suggested me these two products – ‘100% isolate De Luxe ZERO’ and ‘BCAA Extra Energy in Sport’. I distinctly remember having asked him if he was sure I should go for these products and the reply was ‘Trust me, we know better’.

It took two weeks for the products to get delivered although the estimated time showed three days. I started taking them as prescribed by the ’expert’. When they arrived, I checked whether they had sent me expired products or not and surprisingly I found they had indeed. I filled in for replacements and it took them two weeks again to send in the replacements.

I started taking the products described by the ‘expert’. At first, there seemed to be some kind of improvement as my physique was not degrading. Although it required much more hard work, I did not mind. After a week, my physique started showing signs of degradation. My meals were not being digested properly. There were frequent stomach aches. I could not even sleep properly. Realizing that I had been suggested the wrong product, I stopped taking them and decided to call the management.

When I called them, I demanded to talk to the same guy I talked with when I bought the product. On telling him the whole story, all he said was that he was sorry. I demanded a refund but he said that it would be against the company’s policy. I was infuriated by his response. It was not me that brought the product myself. I was recommended the product by the company’s employee who had assured me of the quality and its action. Had it been my own choice, I would not have said anything.

My amount was not refunded because the guy denied recommending me that product. I wrote an e-mail complaining about the incident but no action was taken.

As a victim, I would not recommend anyone to buy products of Active Lab because a company which is negligent about the needs of its customer should not be trusted at all.

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