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Published: 18 January 2020

Posted by: Phxrickaz

I applied for your high blood pressure studies, which was not detailed in what level health condition a applicant should be in. I applied on and called the toll free number.And was told an appointment was set for me. I received a call from a nonmedical recipients, recruiter. Asking me the same question that i already filled on application.I gave the person my blood pressure reading.I told by his experience that i wouldnt qualify for the studies because of my blood pressure wasnt high enough.Now i control it with type of medication, and i the blood pressure was nt stable i, d be at my doctor not a studies.Okay, my big is those who recruit people are not experienced medical assistant s or ant thing close.Give you research my personal medical history and condition s.For study should automatically qualify me.The way i see it i am assuming you medical pharmaceutical company lure people into filling out application providing you with personal medical history, manipulating them to be ing compensated for the studies that you guys return deny them, by informing them they quallify.Having there information in your databases.I qualify this high blood pressure, and i didnt make appointment is because i was informed i dont qualify.I should be compensated for the moment i filled out the application for the studies.It”s the same routine every time i apply for study.I feel it a scam and it ethier make right or be sued for taking personal information on somebody for you database

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