Adam Michael Sacks

Adam Michael Sacks

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Published: 23 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Adam Sacks advertises on the internet only radio show of some loser at relationships who gives relationships advice named Tom Leykis. In his advertisment for hiring him as your Divorce Attorney, the words include: “Are you going up against a cold hearded Bit** who wants vaginamony (slam on alimony) and child support”? This should have been the red flag that told me that this guy is “over the top”. He has an 800 number that he gives out but it is a phone number that goes only to a voicemail service. No live person will ever answer it. When you call 800-340-7320, a voicemail computer then sends the phone number you are callling from to his pager. Then he calls you back from phone number (((Redacted))). That is not a crime but it also seems a little hoaky for an Attorney to be doing. It’s been my experience that any Attorney who has ever been professional and worth a d**n has an office and a Secretary and does NOT work out of their residence and from a voicemail service. I figured that maybe it just means he is inexpensive and he is cutting corners and handing savings down to Clients. Nothing could be further from the truth. All I needed was a simple filing that is very much more convenient if an Attorney does it. I told him what kind of filing I needed and I asked him how much he would charge to do it. Instead of answering my question, he asked how much money I have. I asked him what that has to do with him telling me what the cost of his services are. I told him that I just want to know how much he charges to make a filing. His answer was: “I’m not going to play that game. Call me back when you are serious”. and then he hung up on me. Ya, sure! Like I am EVER going to call back to THIS professional A**h***! I am a retired Investigator, so I thought I would just have a little fun and see if this guy has ever screwed over someone. I contacted the California State Department of Consumer Affairs. I asked for a copy of all of the complaints against this Moron. Usually the DCA will give copies of these records out free. The Clerk said that in this particular case, there are so many complaints, that I will have to pay 10 cents a copy and also pay for the shipping. I have never heard of that many complaints against one entity or person in my life. I will send a copy of this story to The California State Bar Association and I will file an update here on ripoffscams to document what the results of that contact is. I document my case here on ripoffscams in order to exercise my First Ammendment Rights and to warn others of what this man is doing for Consumer protection.

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