Adams Buick Pontiac Of Annapolis

Adams Buick Pontiac Of Annapolis

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Published: 20 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On May 25, 2008 I dropped my 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix in the night dropp off lot of Adams Buick/Pontiac in Annapolis Maryland because the vehicle was having electrical problems. The service writer, Michael T. Kent, called me on May 27 and told me that the problem in my car was a selenoid in my transmission, the cost for this repair that would fix my “electrical” problem, $700 plus $60 for a wheel alighnment that was needed after hoisting the engine out of the car to get to the tranmission. I picked the vehicle up on May 28 and paid the total $790.58. Four hours after leaving the dealership, the car was having the SAME EXACT problem it had before I dropped it off 3 days earlier. I immediatly called the dealership and told them what was happening AGAIN, and they told me to bring it back first thing in the morning. I did just that the next day and they kept the car for about 6 hours when Mike Kent calle dme to pick it up and told me there was nothing wrong with the car. About a week later, the car started doing all the same things all over again; RPM meter wasnt working, OIL light was coming on, lost power steering and engine would just cut off. I would turn car on again, and it would start right back up. This probel went on for the month of June and I finally brought it back in for A THIRD on Monday July 7 2008 after the car completely died on me on Friday 4th of July 2008. this time, I expressed my complete disgust and asked what my $790.58 paid for if I was now bringing my car in for the SAME ORIGINAL problem I brought it in for back in May. Mike Kent said he would look at it again and call me. 2 DAYS went by and I never recieved a phone call until I finally called on Wed July 9 and he told me the car was ready and yet AGAIN, NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH MY CAR. Almost immedieatly leaving the dealership the car was acting up in the same way it had been before. I finally took the car to a retail tire store mechanic in Prince Frederick, Marylnd on July 31. Not only did he diagnose the problem within 5 minutes of looking at the car, he ordered the part and repaired it within an hour and a half while I waited. The mechanic at this Mr. Tire store told me the problem was a “crank shaft” and cost $330 to repair. He told me that in no way could this problem have ever been caused by a selenoid in the transmission which was originally repaired by Adams Buick. The next day, problem fixed and car finally working fine, I wrote 2 letters: one to Adams Buick/Pontiac and one to General Motors Corporation in Detroit inquinring why I had to pay for a repair that was obviously bogus and that I was entitled to a refund in full. Adams responded back about a week later telling in a letter explaining to me that they can not help me and they are not at fault. General Motors contacted me by phone and seemed concerned at first, but after about 5 days later, my contact person at GM in Detroit told me they had contacted Adams Buick/Pontiac and there was NOTHING THEY COULD DO. This is one of the largest corporations in the United States and there WAS NOTHING THEY CAN DO FOR ME? I am at a loss for words and so frustrated having spent over $1100 already on a repair that not only was never necessary, but also the real problem was never fixed. Chris Annapolis, MarylandU.S.A.

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