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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I responded online to an offer for a free trial of eye cream and face serum. The ad indicated that, because they wanted people to become familiar with their products, they were offering the trials for the shipping costs only. The customer simply paid shipping for the trial products. It did not mention returning the products. It did not mention being billed for the products. It did anywhere mention the price of the full size product. On the contrary, it led the customer to believe no additional products would ship, and there would be no additional charges, unless the customer chose to reorder the product. Weeks went by, and then one morning I checked my bank account and discovered a charge for $98.41. After calling my bank I tracked the charge down to Adara Skincare and got their phone number. When I called I reached a female who started the conversation laughing in my ear. She then launched into a sales pitch about the product and would not let me speak. When I was finally able to get a few words in I tried to explain to her what happened. She screamed at me, and spoke to me like I was an ignorant child. She stated I did not call or send the product back within two weeks so I was, therefore, billed for it. I told her I would be happy to return it because I did not like it anyway. She said that I must have tried it if I knew I did not like it. Therefore, she said, they could not take it back because it had been opened. I tried to ask how one is supposed to know if one likes the product without opening it (thus, the word “trial”), but she would not let me speak and kept shouting over me. She hung up on me. I called back and got a second female as rude as the first. From this second female I did manage to get a cancellation confirmation number so that no additional products would ship and there would be no additional charges. I explained to her that they had sent me two items, an eye cream and a serum. She was aware of that. I asked if there was going to be a second charge for the second item (because I had not opened it and I would have sent it back intact). She assured me that there would be no second charge and everything was now cancelled. She refused, however, to refund the $98.41. I asked repeated to speak with a supervisor or manager. She argued with me, stating they would tell me the same thing. I kept repeating me request to speak to a supervisor or manager. Finally she sighed in exasperation and told me to hold while she transferred me to one. After a very extended hold she came back on the phone, stated no one was available, and immediately disconnected the call before I could respond. That was about a week ago. This morning I checked my bank account and found another charge from Adara Skincare, this one for $97.41. So I had to call again. I reached yet another rude female who responded just like the first two had. She also hung up on me. I called back and reached a male. He was considerably nicer. He gave me a separate cancellation number for the second product, and he indicated the $97.41 will be refunded and should appear back in my bank account in 5-8 days. We will see if that happens, I guess. Just a warning to anyone thinking of doing business with this company. And the products really are poor quality. You can buy better at Walmart.

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