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Addy's Harbor Dodge

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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I went in to look at a 2007 Ford Mustang GT on 01/28/2018 and after a 20 minute test drive with Duke the salesperson, we returned to the lot and he asked if I wanted to buy the 2007 Mustang GT. I really liked it so we went inside to complete paperwork. Duke the salesperson came back after only 10 minutes and said… CONGRATULATIONS!! You have been approved for ZERO down, Sign and Drive, he told me. This was all odd since I have never had a car loan before and getting a nice Mustang at zero down. I signed the paper and meet with Steven the finance Manager in his office to do the rest of the paperwork… Steven told me that everything looked great and all I had to do was sign all the paperwork and enjoy my new car. After all this was done both Steven and Duke shook my hand and told me to have a great day and to enjoy my new Mustang GT, they even cleaned it and filled it half way up with gas. After driving the Mustang for 4 days I get a call from Duke saying there was some problem and they might need a Co-Signer. . . I thought everything was worked out and I had banked financed, I told him. He said ohhhh!!!! You were pre-approved. I told him that I didn’t want a Co-Signer so work this out and give me a call later. . .. After another day I got a call from Chris who told me that he would deal with the bank because Steven was fired. . .. Okay now on the 6th day I get a call from Chris saying GREAT NEWS!!! You won’t need a co-signer and I have lowered your interest rate from 18% but you will need to put down $1400, come in the office and sign your paperwork. I get to the dealer and Chris and Duke tell me that I’m going to deal with the other Finance Manager. I spoke to the Manger, can’t remember his name but a really big guy that reminded me of Shrek. He tells me that I will need $2600 down at 24.99%…. I about flipped out and told him that this was not what I was told, First I was told zero down at 18% and then I was told $1400 down at a lower rate. Now Shrek is telling me $2600 down at 24.99%.. After arguing with him about this he yells at me saying he refuses to lose a dime on the car and if I didn’t want to pay $2600 down at 24.99% then I can bring the car back.. I told him this was wrong and could not believe he has done this. He then tells me that if I don’t bring back the car or pay the money he would report it stolen.. I was shocked with his rudeness and unwillingness to help and told him I would bring back the Mustang that day.. His last words were, Nice doing Business with you!!! Needless to say I did not bring back the car, I instead let my father know of all that had happened since he deals with contracts and investigations through his job. He called Mr. Mike Addy (Owner of Addy’s Dodge) and let him know of the Addy’s Scam, Bait and Switch. Mike Addy said that this was handled wrong and he was working it out and to not return the Mustang. This same day I went back to the dealer and waited to talk to the GM. While waiting to talk to the GM, Duke came up to me asking for the car keys. I told Duke that Mike Addy told me not to return the car until further notice. Duke then asked me for $1400 and said… Oh I can get it worked out with $1400 down; I told Duke I didn’t want him dealing with this as he had already scammed me once. I talked to the GM that was very nice and said he could work this out and that his salespeople were in the wrong and did stuff they should have never done. Chris even told me if I didn’t want to pay the $1400 down today I could give him 2 post dated checks. This is illegal and even the GM said that would have not been allowed. The GM went on saying how sorry and tried to cover up their Addy’s Scam. The GM said that that the bank only wants to give me $15,000 without a co-signer, GREAT I told him, The Mustang is priced at $18,500 so for Addy’s mess up drop the price of the Mustang to $16,500 and I can put some money down. He then told me right now with the bank approval I will need $3700 at 24.99%. He said that Steven messed up my paperwork and everything was wrong. Now I’m mad!!! I tell him that I’m going home with the Mustang and will be back at 10am because I have a appointment to talk to Mike Addy. The next morning I get to the dealership and Mike Addy and GM take me to their office. The GM stats that no bank will finance because I have never had a car loan unless I put $3700 down and wait, wait, get this they taking away my 2 year warranty and stacking on 24.99% interest or there would be nothing they could do. I then got mad and asked Mike why they do this to people. He YELLS and me and say’s I’M HERE TO MAKE MONEY!!!!! If you don’t want to pay asking price for the car then get out and go somewhere else. I gave back the keys and departed their dealership. about a week later my insurance company needed a company head leter faxed to them stating I don’t own this Mustang so that they can posdate my policy. I went to the dealership and asked for a leter head and get told no, there’s nothing they can do and good-luck. I even had the GM come over to my Jeep while I was leaving and lean in the passager window yelling at mesaying to f*k off and and to not return to his mother f*king dealership again. This is not a good way to treat people.

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