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The worst place for any type of dental needs

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Published: 08 May 2019

Posted by: Michael

Adelmann Dentistry is the worst place for any type of dental needs. It is being run by retards who don’t know shit about dentistry and these morons ruined my smile. The staff is really cold and they rush everything. You are not going to enjoy your experience at this clinic. I went here with my loving husband. I was feeling some pain in my back teeth and Adelmann Dentistry was the highest rated dental clinic in my neighbourhood, so without any doubt, I booked an appointment here. When we went to the front desk, the receptionist rudely asked us,” Why are you here sir and ma’am” the expression on her face and the tone of her voice was the opposite of polite. They made us wait 30 minutes but it wasn’t much of a problem or a deal breaker. Everything would have been ok, but the dentist was the WORST I have ever seen. He was disgusting and idiotic. He was cleaning his nose randomly and sneezing without covering his mouth. I’m not germophobic but this guy was too much. I even felt like vomiting when he picked his nose and then casually put that finger in his mouth! He examined my teeth and did an x-ray. He told me that I have 2 cavities and getting a root canal treatment would be the best thing to do. So we booked an appointment for the next day to get the root canal done. The doctor did the root canal, however, a week after my last visit to Adelmann Dentistry, I started feeling hypersensitivity in my teeth. I ignored the pain for a day, but it became unbearable overnight. I decided to call the clinic and ask the doctor for advice, and the doctor literally said,” Stop overacting, you are not that hurt, just relax and you will be fine” He was implying that I was acting and that I wasn’t really in pain. I talked to my husband and we decided to get a second opinion. I contacted another dentist who did a quick checkup and told us that the root canal has been done with no precision at all and it has damaged my nerves that is why I was experiencing such pain. He also told us that I only had one cavity and the other root canal has been done on a perfectly healthy tooth. I was shocked to hear this because the reviews of Adelmann Dentistry online claimed it to be “excellent” and “the best place for relieving toothache”. I went to Adelmann Dentistry and confronted the doctor. You know what he said after I showed him the reports,” You fucking bitch, can’t you just stay in your lane, ni**er” Then he forced us to get out of the clinic. I have never experienced such a horrific and terrifying incident. Only God knows what type of awful and dreadful the doctors of Adelmann Dentistry are. I would advise all of you to STAY AWAY from Adelmann Dentistry. It is not a safe place!

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