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ADJ Products, LLC.

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Published: 22 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of lighting and equipment from American DJ and havce had very few problems with their products until recently. An effect lighting called a DUAL GEM has two internal motors which cause colored reflective concave discs to rotate, casting lighting effects through the room. August 2016 onme of those motors literally fell apart inside the light, so I ordered a repalcement motor (for which shipping was more than the cost of the $10 motor). I purchased the replacemnt 8/16/2016 and on 12/11/2016 the very motor I replaced fell apart (the 2nd motor–original–still works fine). On December 23, 2016 I called to make an inquiry as to this and perhaps find if there was warranty…to which the person on the phone began speaking to someone else and said, “This guy bought a g d damned motor from us four months ago and expects us to f cking warranty it.” I said, that I simply wanted to know if it was covered…and he interrupted me and said “Parts are warrantied for 10 days…” | I was taken aback, and asked just 10 days? (who only has a 10 day waranty on ANYTHING?). | They obviously know they are selling junk, the warranty makes that pretty clear. The foul language and bitter regard for the customer was astounding to say the least. | There are other entertainment lighting companies out there, and I assure you American DJ will never see another penny of my money. My recvommendation would be Don’t even buy a flashlight from these rude, crude anti-customer rip-offs!

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