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Published: 04 January 2020

Posted by: William Sadler

I trusted this firm with extensive repairs to my truck. In about three months, I had spent nearly four thousand dollars. I was told (in writing) that all their repairs were covered for 12 month or twelve thousand miles. The expense of the work would be OK in and of itself, but first the brake job failed and Adolph’s refused to take responsibility for getting the truck to their shop–I was expected to either drive the truck with failed brakes or pay to have it towed in. Since I now live about 35 miles away, I opted to have the failed brake repaired locally by a different mechanic. Five months later, a seal kit applied to the power steering system [by Adolf’s] failed–according to my new local mechanic, Christian Brothers. Without knowing about the previous repairs by Adolf’s, they examined my steering system to discover the cause of a serious fluid leak. They conclusively determined that it was due to a failed seal at the top of the steering gear box. They emphasized that it was NOT due to any cracks or other issues with the gear box itself. They recommended that new seals (a seal kit) be installed. I explained that exactly such maintenance had been performed not too many months earlier and was still in warranty. I then took the truck 35 miles down to Adolf’s. They cleaned off the gear box that was covered with fluid from the trip down to their shop, and took pictures of the then dry [dried off] seals to “PROVE” that the seals were not at fault and they were not responsible. I was told that the problem was an “internal” leak. I questioned what that meant and was told that fluid was leaking through the gearbox housing. I asked how that could be if not through a seal. At first, I got no solid answer from the owner’s daughter, and so I asked if that meant through a crack in the housing. She said that she could not see any crack in the photo and was otherwise unaware of such an issue. I then asked to speak with the mechanic, but was not allowed to so do. Instead, she talked with her dad, the shop’s current owner, and returned saying that indeed there MUST be a crack because it was NOT the seals–but she could not and did not verify the existence of any actual crack. The owner refused to complete the warranty work and I am left to find some other costly remedy.

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