Adorable Bulldogs

Adorable Bulldogs

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Published: 28 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

After an extensive internet search for our next bulldog, we decided to purchase a handsome puppy from adorable bulldogs in Miami, FL in may of 2013. I am writing this now (5 years later) because we are again looking to purchase a bulldog puppy (we waited ahile after our experience reported here) and I do not want anyone else to be scammed by this business or whatever name she operates under currently. Once we signed our contract (which had no real contact information on it – should have been a red flag – also email and business name didn’t align – another red flag, but we were smitten with the puppy). Our puppy did in fact arrive as agreed upon and was the puppy pictured in all of our communications. It seemed like the transaction had gone smoothly and we were happy…but only for a few months. At about 4 months of age our puppy stopped growing and gaining weight and he was vomiting after each meal. We had him to our vet who sent us to a bulldog specialist vet. He shocked us by telling us that our puppy was a medical misfit with the following conditions: small snares, inverted saccules, elongated soft palate, hypertrachea, reflux, hiatal hernia and bad knees. On top of all that, he had pnemonia from aspirating his vomit secondary to the reflux and trachea issues. We baegan treating the pneumonia as our first step. Upon our second specialist visit he informed us that our puppy’s surgeries would total approximately $20,000 and he doubted it would correct the underlying issues completely (if at all for some of them). He also discovered that the puppy had congenital heart failure!!! We were devistated. This was our little baby and we were watching him die at 6 months old! We contacted Michelle at EBP, EB, CNNIC (whatever her real business is) regarding the health guarantee that was stated in the contract. She gave us a complete runaround, but finally when we told her that we were going to the Florida Attorney General and were going to sue her (neither of which we ever followed through on), she agreed to pay us 6 payments of $333 for 6 months. This did not total the full amount of our puppy’s purchase price, but at least there was some reimbursement. However, the real issue was not the money, it was that this puppy was a member of our family that we expected to have for his lifetime (we certainly didn’t expect his tiny little life to only last 10 months due to life threatening illnesses). Michelle responded in one email stating that “this is the first puppy we’ve ever had with health issues”…I do not believe that. And, I hope that adorable bulldogs, CNNIC, EBP, EB has been shut down by now, but I felt compelled to file a Ripoff Scams just in case someone else is looking at an adorable puppy from this scammer I want them to be aware.

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