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Adore Cosmetics

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Published: 07 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company is a scam! They are pros at ripping off people using deceptive sales practices and complete misrepresentation of the products. | I encountered the company in Las Vegas on Fremont Street. My friend & I both fell victom to their scheme. They had a nice store front and appeared to be a legitimate business. They said Adore cosmetics were from Italy and are !00% organic and hypo allergenic. The manager of the store is Lucas Juvanni. We dealt with both him and another sales person named Anabel. Both Lucas and Anabel, told us the exact same products are used for facials at the high-end Bellagio spa and the Bellagio spa charges over $500 for a single facial with the exact same Adore products. Lucas & Anabel told us that they work at the Bellagio spa doing facials. Lucas even when as far as to fake a phone call that he was going to the Bellagio later to do a facial. Both my friend and I purchased products. We took a couple products with us and they were to ship the rest. | After leaving, we noticed the receipt indicated no refunds…which no one in the store had informed us of this policy. I contacted the Bellagio spa and found out that they do not use Adore cosmetics and neither Lucas nor Anabel work at the Bellagio spa doing facials. It was also clear reading the labels that the products were not from Italy. | The following day, we returned and requested a refund. The sales people’s demeanor had completely changed and they were rude & short with us. They were speaking among themselves in another language. Lucas said the packages had already been shipped so he could not refund but agreed to give us a partial credit and said he would issue remaining refund less restocking fee of 25% if we were not satisfied in 90 days. He gave us this in writing. Based on the tracking information, the packages had not been shipped at the time we talked to Lucas….another lie! | We both refused delivery of the packages and returned to Adore under the same tracking number. They have all the products back new & unused AND have my money! I have tried repeatedly to contact Adore via letter, email, & phone calls. I had a cell phone number for Lucas so I texted him. He first responded saying he would do whatever necessary to make me happy and then he didn’t respond to the next several texts. I texted him a link to a review I made online and he responded stating that a “lady” in his office contacted me and offered a refund less restocking fee and I refused it. Absolutely no one contacted me from this company…I would never refuse a refund either. This is just another one of their tactics. | I cannot believe the Las Vegas tourism organizations allow this company to do business. They are preying on tourists. | I hope people will read this complaint before purchasing Adore Cosmetics.

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