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Published: 12 December 2019

Posted by: Jay Reader

ADR claims to provide the highest level of quality, integrity, and efficiency in dispute resolution services by offering an outstanding group of mediators, arbitrators, referees, and private judges, combined with superior case management. That is far from the truth. Go ahead and read their dismal reviews. We are obviously not the only ones duped by Judge Williams and the band of misfits at ADR. From my personal experience and reading other reviews, they hire retired, incapacitated, unethical Judges that are a bunch of scam artist that like to rip off their clients by prolonging the cases for months and even years so they can continue to send outrageous bills and collect money. Don’t take my word for it. Read the reviews and you will see. In my opinion these guys should be arrested. They are above the law as they have no supervising agency to regulate them that I’m aware of. Judge Williams, in particular, apparently had personal problems and should have asked to be recused from the case since that would have been the professional thing to do. During the arbitration hearings, he was easily distracted, did not seem to have a clue of what was going on, and only cared about cookie breaks. When both parties decided to finish through briefs instead of issuing a final ruling, he would encourage both parties to submit more motions, charts, rebuttals, and counter rebuttals. Finally, both parties asked that he make his final ruling as all the evidence already has been submitted more than once, and please no more redundant back and forth motions. Based on the final award issued, Judge Williams seems to be completely lost, completely out of touch with case law, the legal code, and did not know how to make a proper ruling. He took four years to make his final ruling and issue an award where he misapplied the law, and his reasoning made no sense as he contradicted himself throughout his order. The order was ambiguous and poorly written when asked for clarification; he was angry and sanctioned us. Because he refused to clarify his final ruling both parties had no choice but then to jointly hire another specialist attorney/referee to interpret the final judgement via interacting with the court system so both parties could finally figure out what he was trying to say in his order and what the correct legal application was to settle the case. The referee was completely baffled that a guy like JUDGE WILLIAMS could be so out of his element in doing his job. Finally we had our referee who knew how to apply the law and came up with a reasonable settlement that both parties understood and could live with.

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