Adrienne Cocita

Adrienne Cocita

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Published: 15 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This truthful fair comment privilege opinion and criticism based civic engagement is a matter of public concern related to community well-being as it pertains to workplace discrimination, disparate treatment, Civil Rights Act of 1866, 42 U.S.C. 1981, hostile work environment, constructive discharge, workplace harassment, workplace mobbing, workplace bullying, workplace safety, labor rights, the cat’s paw doctrine, and The Civil Rights Act of 1964. The intent of this civic engagement is to promote equal opportunity, caring leadership, and increased civility in workplaces for minorities. Regarding a matter of public concern from my viewpoint I worked under Adrienne Cocita’s hostile supervision at a construction company in the Far North Dallas area of Texas which caused me long-term mental anguish, emotional distress, and damage to my honorable reputation. In my honest opinion as an ethnic minority I believe that I was treated very unfairly and discriminated against by Adrienne Cocita. From my viewpoint I believe Adrienne verbalized prejudicial harassment and gish gallop against me which called into question my honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation and thereby exposed me to workplace hatred, contempt, ridicule, suspicion, and or financial injury (I was eventually unfairly laid off). Because of that I believe that I was lowered in the estimation of the community and others were deterred from associating with me. From my viewpoint the negativity and bigotry I experienced outweighed the positives. From my viewpoint it was a traumatizing nightmarish tribulation for me to work for Adrienne Cocita at the construction company for these following reasons: in my honest opinion she capriciously pontificated unfair conflicting messages and instructions that confused and frustrated me, she was arrogantly withholding and intermittently lied to me about not having the right amount of office resources available which impeded on my ability to complete the task that she continued to harass me about. occasionally she staged double-binding tribulations so that I would look suspicious or inept, from my viewpoint she deceptively used flattery and built up false hope to string me along and to prevent me from resigning when the mental anguish that she caused me became overwhelming. Furthermore, in my honest opinion her circular strawman arguments and doublespeak frequently caused me frustration and interfered with my work projects. she intermittently ignored my excellent work performance and angrily over-focused on frivolous trivialities, she blatantly overloaded me with work, she yelled and shouted at me to work faster and to do a lot more work while other workers were not treated that way which caused me emotional distress, the more work projects that I accomplished the angrier and more ungrateful she became, she interrupted me and yelled at me when I tried to speak honestly about matters of public interest as it pertained to my civil rights, my experiences, my reputation, my human dignity, my viewpoints, and the work projects. Additionally, regarding fair criticism and honest opinions from my viewpoint Adrienne Cocita reinforced negative stereotypes by blatantly treating me with suspicion as if I were a dangerous criminal. From my viewpoint I believe she wrongfully accused me of making threats which defamed my character. In my honest opinion she escalated the harassment against me when I wanted to resign because of the emotional distress that she caused me. She exaggerated workplace trivialities and small misunderstandings and made degrading false accusations against my work ethic. She rudely questioned my reputation and integrity in front of other workers. From my viewpoint she conducted unfair workplace investigations against me yet would not let me resign with dignity. She unfairly questioned me about the type of ladies that I like to go out with on dates. She rudely mocked and taunted me like a petulant schoolyard bully which was humiliating to me. She angrily talked over me in boorishly unprofessional ways so that I was unable to finish verbalizing my sentences which also made me feel fearful in her presence. She arbitrarily interrupted me with angry outbursts of disrespectful sarcasm. She had poor listening and communication skills when she interacted with me. She passive aggressively stonewalled when I asked her questions related to work. She intermittently misconstrued what I was saying which caused a chain reaction of aggravating misunderstandings. She showed a callous lack of concern regarding my development and advancement with the company. In my honest opinion she allowed other belligerent white female workers at the office (Holly Williams and Angela Asplin) to yell at me, blame me, and to make fallacious gish gallop accusations against my performance and my good reputation. From my viewpoint she gave blatant favoritism towards white female workers (Holly Williams and Angela Asplin) which offended me. She unfairly laid me off after I accomplished consistently excellent work and politely put up with her distressing abuse of power. In my honest opinion and from my experiences with her I believe I was repeatedly scapegoated, harassed, defamed, and setup for failure in a discriminatory cycle of abuse. Ultimately, from my viewpoint I believe that Adrienne Cocita exploited me and wasted my time. Furthermore, in my honest opinion I believe she lacked empathy towards me and she seemed to have a lot of disconcerting anger issues that she unfairly displaced onto me. Furthermore, in my honest opinion I believe I was misclassified as an independent contractor. From my viewpoint I probably should have been classified as an employee so as to enjoy the full benefits associated with that. Educational Resources: Denco, Inc. v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Surviving Bullies, Queen Bees & Psychopaths in the Workplace by Judge Patricia G. Barnes.

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