Adrin Nazarian Assemblymember

Adrin Nazarian Assemblymember

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Published: 14 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Adrin Nazarian supports the CRIMINALS. Adrin Nazarian LOVES Criminals and hates VICTIMS. Adrin Nazarian voted Yes on SB10 to release ALL the criminals from Jail with a ticket and without any accountability. A person who now breaks into your home with you inside, and or commits a Rape, Robbery, or Child Molestation will now get out of jail with a Pinky Promise to show up to court. No bail required because these are good people who will show up to court on their own Adrin says… Adrin, WHAT ABOUT THE VICTIMS ???? Shame on you Adrin Nazarian. You were all set to vote NO until the UNIONS paid you off. Does SEIU sound familiar Adrin. The most powerful and richest Union in the world paid you off. We thought you were better than that. How much did the Unions pay you Adrin ?? What other FREEBIES did the Unions give you?? You Adrin Nazarian are a DIRTY Politician and I will be investigating you to the fullest extent of the law. WE SAY NO TO DIRTY POLITICIANS. We do not care Democrat or Republican. We only care about DIRTY VS HONEST and you Adrin Nazarian are a CROOK, LIAR, AND A THIEF. Say NOT TO NASTY NAZARIAN.

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