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Published: 29 October 2018

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Siobhan O’Neill is an Extreme Remissness Master Who Misdiagnosed and Neglected Pet to Die Our pet died as a consequence of Siobhan O’Neill’s master negligence, misdiagnosis (misdiagnosis is a direct result of negligence of course) and extremely unprofessional behaviors. Internal medicine vet Siobhan O’Neill is the vet whose mind and soul is in outer space. She never noticed any warning numbers on the blood test. Precisely, she likely never even read the blood test result. But simply based on the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, she thinks it is some stomach issue. But blood test tells more severe stories!!! She never read it to know it!! Of course for her absence of mind, the simpler the case, the better for her. She never pays attention, she never even inform pet owner things in details. Even at the critical moment of whether the pet has cancer or something more mediocre, she didn’t inform the pet owner on time about the lab test result, not even a call to explain important things in detail and laid out detailed treatment plan. The pet owner was left unclear what happens next to the pet: what needs to be done next; what is the short and long term treatment plans! Siobhan O’Neill’s douche facts: 1. She said if the pet is not responding to the treatment, then we need to change treatment plan: When I told her several times I am highly concerned my pet’s condition and it seems the treatment is not working, she never changed the treatment plan or even showed any concern about it. She’d slowly respond with an email 1-2 days later, never a phone call, then briefly said something in theory and done. How ridiculous is this! 2. At the moment I told her the pet is still losing weight, she told me let’s check weight in two weeks and see if the medication is working or not (while the pet is losing weight and the medication is not working; therefore why wait two weeks). This is how insanely absurd and unexplainable Siobhan O’Neill is. 3. No matter how concerned you are and how much crisis there is, she acted like your pet is only having a cancer. Bet she rarely even look into the pet to gauge or concern about the real condition. Now I start feeling I am overly concerned about my pet. After all the so-call “expert” is not concerned at all. So I told myself to be easy and this seriously delayed the treatment plan and survival of my pet!! However I still sensed I have to take the pet away from her knowing the fate of the pet is perdition under Siobhan O’Neill’s hand. But still the delay and damage have been cost due to Siobhan O’Neill’s misdiagnosis and negligence and her unreasonable remissness. What is even more ridiculous and amazing, there are a few problems she diagnosed herself and then completely forget! She never did further exam or treatment on the pet. When two months after the pet has died, I went back to her to question the problems she diagnosed earlier and ask if they have been excluded already. She told me it is not and should be examed. Can you believe that the pet owner needs to remind a vet who forgot what needs to be checked-up. She then asked if I’d like to schedule an appointment. To remember my pet’s issue is difficult for her but if I reminded her, it is easy for her to just schedule an appointment and swipe the card, right? It is all about easy money. Siobhan O’Neill, karma is waiting on you. What you have done will be remembered and known by many many people (not just pet owner or related). All vets think they can do anything they want because they can hide it. We’ll see. Karma will take good care of you. Ps not just Siobhan O’Neill, this entire hospital practice remissness, negligence and mediocreness on a daily basis. They don’t have chart, an ER vet didn’t even fill out a medical record after seeing the patient. They forget problems they diagnosed themselves and left pet in jeopardy. When the pet is rapidly declining, they ignore the pet owner’s words. No matter how urgent the pet’s situation is, they treated it like nothing worse than a cold or cough. A front desk (an older very tall, skinny male with quite long horse face) is supposed to call another hospital for medical record at 8am but he was there chatting and joking, completely ignoring the pet owner standing in front of him by purpose. Why would all these happen? Because this is a very mediocre hospital performing remissness and negligence as part of their standard practice.

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