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Advanced Marketing Concepts

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Published: 21 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These people make me sick. They think they are somehow above the law, but they are not! They need to be punished just like every other common criminal, but for some reason the Department of Labor is dragging their feet in launching an investigation. Isn’t that why organizations like this were put in place, to protect employees from scum like Don Queen and Angelique Hofacre? Well, fellow employees and past employees of Advanced Marketing Concepts, I URGE YOU TO TAKE ACTION! They will continue to take advantage of people if you let them! YOU CAN SHUT THEM DOWN! First, if you are still working for them, quit. Whether they have personally f***ed you over or not, quit. Trust me, if they haven’t scammed you out of your money yet, they will eventually. I know most of you really need the money and it will really hurt your finances if you quit, I can sympathize, but it is not worth working under their tyranny. I know the type of environment Don and Angie create in their workplace. It is violent and unstable at best. Your mental health will suffer if you continue to work for them. It’s not worth it, get out now! Tell everyone you know not to work for them. If you see them posting on craigslist for more employees, reply to those posts to tell everyone what a horrible business it is. If you are a senior employee and have the contact information for their clients, contact those people and let them know exactly what kind of people Don and Angie are! Second, use the internet to your disposal. Make posts here on Ripoff Scams (if you haven’t already) and other forums and be sure to include all the company names: Queen Companies LLC (the parent name)Advanced Marketing ConceptsOutsourced BDC (what they go by to new clients)iSO Turbo (their newest name) These are all names that they switch between to try and hide their shady past, so include all of them so when clients search for them on Google, these reports about their true actions will come up! Also, include the owners full names, Don Queen and Angelique Hofacre. Third, CALL THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR NOW! IF THEY DON’T CALL YOU BACK, CALL THEM AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL YOU SPEAK TO SOMEONE! I am disgusted that they haven’t launched an investigation yet, and I personally reported them more than 6 months ago! If they need more complaints, then fine. EVERYONE CALL THEM! You’re going to be on hold for a while, deal with it and make the call. Also, please don’t remain anonymous. They will take you more seriously if you give your name. The number for the Tampa District Office for the Department of Labor is (813) 288-1242. Fourth, go over your recent W2 (if you even have it) to make sure it was done correctly (and it probably wasn’t). If you haven’t received your by now W2 (which, by the way, is EXTREMELY illegal if they haven’t sent it to you by January 31st), then call the IRS. They will try to help. Their number is (800) 829-1040. Again, you’ll be on hold for some time. Deal with it. The more people who report them to the IRS, the more fines they will receive. Then we are one step closer to shutting these people down. Also, remember this – if they are audited, there is a huge chance you will received the back wages you deserve. If you want the money you worked for, report them to the IRS so they can investigate, because the IRS doesn’t f*** around. DO NOT LET THESE WASTES OF OXYGEN TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS! DON’T LET THEM BULLY YOU AROUND! TAKE SOME ACTION AND DO SOMETHING TODAY! TELL ALL CURRENT AND EX-EMPLOYEES ABOUT WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE, BUT TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! TOGETHER WE CAN DESTROY THEM, BUT YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW! NO MORE EXCUSES! NOW’S THE TIME TO FIGHT!

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