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Advanced Marketing Group

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Published: 30 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I have been unemployed for several months and saw this ad in my local newspaper. Each brochure mailed would be $4. They would provide self addressed envelopes and postage. If I signed up before midnight, it would only cost $24.00 and I would receive the package in seven days. I looked around and over my shoulder and did not see any write ups of a scam. All the time I felt a little nauseous. But the money would come handy in my time of need. My payment was confirmed by them and my credit card info was used. Upon being a new member instantaneously , an email was sent to my email acct regarding my work at home guide which could be found at Still feeling nauseous, there was a “contact us” icon. I sent an email to them. Waited for a response. No response and no phone number in sight. I instantly called my credit card company and the transaction was still pending. Yay! I cancelled the card in time. Now I have to wait several days for a new credit card. No bread or milk for me until I get the new card. When trying to get in contact with this scam group, somehow I stumbled into the ripoffscams and I read all the reports on this group. This is what made me call my credit card folks. Thank you, all… it could have been worse than $24. There should be more advertisement on ripoffscams. I will always go to this site if I have questions in the future. We all know that saying, if it seems to good to be true… ha,ha, it probably is.

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