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Published: 10 January 2020

Posted by: happy1234

I use to work at this dental office, and it was the worst company I have ever worked for. The moment I was hired, I knew something was rather off. The Doctor would boast about himself that he is “the best employer” the whole “you need me, more than I need you.” attitude. But, the truth became rather relevant during the course of time, of my employment. He found great entertainment in his employees personal problems, and I often catch him speaking of his employees personal issues at the end of the day to his other employees, and finding it humorous. He enjoys office gossip, and strife and finds no solution in calming the matter. He doesn’t play fair giving task, and he will stand behind your back while you work and continuously ask “what are you doing now.” As a woman of age, I have caught on to his neck snapping, eye lusting for his young employees, and it really made me feel sick. I have seen many of his workers come and go, and I have heard many complaints. The reason is because he doesn’t value his workers, he would have us stay later hours, work during thanksgiving and Christmas eve, since it wasn’t his holiday. Do we get a thank you?. My answer, No. There is no words of appreciation coming out his mouth, no matter how hard you work. I should have know since his workers up and leave him, that something was wrong.

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