Advanced Quality Construction and Remodeling LLC

Advanced Quality Construction and Remodeling LLC

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Published: 02 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On July 12, 2018 my home suffered considerable damage due to water/plumbing leak. I immediately contacted my homeowners insurance and they sent over crews to assess the damage. At this time, a friend recommended Advanced Quality Construction as a company who would be available to do the renovations. The owner of AQC was on our property that day, making an assessment of damages and showed considerable interest in handling the job. Even though I had not settled with my homeowners insurance adjustor (and clean up crews were still on my property), AQC came in with a price for the complete renovation. One week later, we signed a contract for the total of all costs (including materials) of $7,250.00. While a friend had recommended this contractor and he checked out clean on the BBB, I took a chance he would do the job for us. The contractor was well aware of the issue with the insurance settlement and insisted on starting the project before we had received payment. Initial payment came in the form of a “Help” debit card, with the remaining portion to come as a check from their corporate headquarters. Problems with this contractor began shortly after the project commenced. Because his company could not accept debit cards for payment, we decided to go to the building supply store and purchase the required materials for the job (and brought them to our home). The contractor’s crew began tearing things out of the structure, some of which were going to be reused (i.e., wood trim for kitchen cabinets). Carpet was torn out, but did not get replaced for 3 weeks. The lead contractor subbed out painting, electrical and carpet installation to other vendors. There was no consistency in work hours, and no visible leadership on the job site. The only time the owner of the business appeared, was when he was demanding money or ‘removing’ building supplies off the job site (which we assume he either used on other projects or returned to the store for store credit). We had to buy door trim two times because it just ‘vanished’. The ceramic tile flooring in the kitchen was improperly installed (and is not level); we purchased leveler material (which also disappeared). Nine work projects on the written contract were never completed. The new drywall on one kitchen wall was six inches too short; when we approached the contractor about this gaping hole, his response was that he was going to put trim around the radiator to cover up the gap. He contracted the ceiling painting/spraying with Steve’s Paint & Drywall–they arrived on a Saturday afternoon to paint, but the wallpaper border was never removed by the construction crew. The ceiling painters never finished their job. Our own personal tools from the garage disappeared–it took months to get them returned. The construction crews were not considerate of our home,our property; they dumped grout on my flower beds, used my own water pitchers for mixing plaster and never bothered to lay down any plastic drop cloths over my hardwood or carpeting. After the contractor had received nine separate payments, we denied him final payment until the job was completed. It took these guys almost a month to complete this project, and even then, many of the tasks had to be completed by the homeowner. Probably the most devastating is the fact that even after the lost building materials, the constant demands for payments and the lackadaisical employees, I found an expensive digital camera and gps unit were both missing from my master bedroom. Since these are the only people who were in my house after the July 12, 2018 water damage, I felt one of those employees had the time to go through my personal belongings. I did contact Mr. Joshua Olinger the owner, about my missing items (and also about the problems with the construction project). Mr. Olinger stated he would be over to fix the problems (since his written contract includes a “solid guarantee”). Mr. Olinger never stepped foot on my property after August 15, 2018 to fix any of the problems with the work done on my home. Moreover, several months passed where I was trying to get my belongings returned, and Mr. Olinger initially had assorted excuses. In exhaustion and wanting to seek closure on this matter, I sent Mr. Olinger one final email, in which I wanted my missing items returned or I would contact the police department and file a criminal complaint. On August 23, 2013, Mr. Olinger sent me an email in which he explicitly implied that the residents of my home stole the camera & gps unit and made slanderous allegations. He also added that no employee of his formerly owned company would ever steal items from customers’ homes and that he was not worried about my ‘idol threats’. An addendum–Mr. Olinger also stated that he now resides in Kansas City, Mo.

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