Advanced Transmissions And Emissions

Advanced Transmissions And Emissions

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Published: 09 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On August 13, 2016 my 2004 Ford Taurus Transmisson went out and i had AAA tow it to my home. and on August 14, 2016 I contacted this company called Advanced Transmission and the owner answered and seemed to be a nice old man and he told me that dont worry honey i know about the economy and we dont try and beat people or nothing and it would be between $900.-$1200 to rebuild your transmission so he said why dont you have your car towed here so i had AAA tow my car to there shop and they said that they would call me back that day and they didnt. So Monday August 17, 2016 me and my sister went to there company and the son was there and talk with us and started talking about how he could repair the trans verses rebuild it because i explained that i didnt have a lot of money and the only reason i took my car there is because of the price his dad gave me and the son also quote the same price to me and my sister so he said i need $100.00 deposit to take a look at it not i need $580.00 to take it apart and look at it which we found that out later because they were very dishonest people and then he calls me on August 18 2016 saying my convertor tork broke and the shaft had twisted and all this stuff and then went from $900-1200 to $1695.00 and i explain i didnt have that kind of money so i told him dont fix the car but he did any way but the bad thing about it i called around and check to see how long it take to do that job and every where i called said about 4 days why did they complete my car in one day they took it apart Tuesday and it was done Wednesday so it sound to me like they repaired my car and charge me the rebuild price so now i call them on Thursday and plead my case explaining i dont have that kind of money so now the son we will try and fix the price where it works for you and call you back well know call back and then later that day me and my husband went in and he said give me a hour and you can get the car well they didnt call back in a hour nor later that day so today which is Friday August 21 ,2016 me and my husband spoke with the father which is the owner and he said the best i can do is $1495 now listen closely so he didnt include that tax he said $1495 so when we went to get the car why the price was $1,547.44 so i left a $100.00 deposit with them which was suppose to be subtract from what was owe so now when he show the paper work the price went to $1700.00 then he claim they gave me some $100.00 coupon off which i never even seen so now he said it went to $1695 but they took something else off and made it go to $1495 which in reality they got the $1700 out of me any way because the $100.00 i gave them didnt count neither did this pretend coupon because if all that did then why did i still owe $1547 so they got that plus my $100.00 and that is what i call a total rip off because the price kept changing over and over but they got me and my husband real good and it was just a lesson bought and learn because again they fixed my car in one day and charge me the rebuild price of rebuilding a transmission when all the other places say that is at least a four day job so please dont take any of your business to this company because they are truly not right nor honest people and they did have two complaints on the better business burear also for service and repair.

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