Advanced Vein Institute of Arizona

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Wasted thousands of dollars at this useless place!

My grandmother is old school and being of Italian descent she never believes that her day had been fruitful and productive until and unless she had managed to cook an entire meal for her family. This had, over the years, resulted in her standing on her feet for hours on end and she recently developed a condition of Vericose Vein. She was in a lot of pain and we could see the veins standing out. We first tried a lot of physiotherapy and made sure she got adequate rest. However, the harm was already done and she was at a stage where she needed specialized treatment. So, after some asking around we decided to take her to Addvanced vein institute of Arizona and thought that probably now she was going to get the relief she desired. However, even after attending all the required sessions, her condition hardly improved. My dad drove her thrice a week for her therapy and she also tried all the medication they prescribed. However, all was to no avail. We ended up spending quite a few thousand dollars and when we tried to speak to the doctor regarding the lack of progress, he kept on stalling that since she was aged and her condition was advanced, it was taking longer than the usual time for the treatment to work. We have now been going to the institute for about three months now and the little improvement that she had seems to fade away as well. We have decided that we will see till the end of the present month and then discontinue the treatment there, and keep looking for conventional therapy so that my grandmother can get the rest and relief she deserves.

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