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Published: 30 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I enrolled this program after I found it on the internet they claim to guaratee me in a short time they could get me a luctive on line business. LLC claim since I was disable I could get my on line business in just a few short weeks and this would end my money problems. LLC claim I had thirty days to change my mind if I was not happy with their get rich scheme. LLC claim they would set up my web site and help me sell market popular products that would sell on my web site with the help of their profession reseachers team to help me. They claim it would take little work on my behave. I did explain to them I was not computer savory but they claim this would not be a problem for me either since their team or success coaches would be assisting me all the way. Well, at first they had to get me line to their web site, so I would have access to their training succes programs. LLC claim these program would easy to follow and would keep me interest to set up my on-line web site. Instead, all these on line classes were vague and boring and not informtive to a computer beginner like me. I call trying to cancel and also explain to them these classes are non- informtive, vague and hard to understand. Then, I was switch to a manager who yell at me and told me I could not cancel my period to cancel had pass. He also told me I had to make they best of this situation or they would sue me for no payment. He told me at least try to to do the programs and success coach would call me every week would review them and put them laymen terms for me to understand . I told him I thought I had a month to cancel because it only had been two weeks. The LLC manager told me it was too late to cancel and the fact I had only done a couple of these classes it was my fault my business was not up and running.During this same type I was having physical health issues and mental health issues I do believe the stress was kinowing this business was a fake and I would never see my 1500 dollars to start my business again. I call them again because the success couch calling me every did not explain these classes and if they did their explains on these class was vague. Remember these success coaches were suppose help me also were suppose help me get my web site up and running and help me find a merchaisdise that would sell. I told my counselor I was having a hard understand these programs and figure out a formal which help find a popular product to market on my web site. At this time only complete about six classes out of thounsands. At this time I only gave them $1500 but they told me if I gave them more money they would build my web for me and choose a product that was popular and would sell. They choosed antique furntiture because their no web sites that market this product. This is a lie because their are sereval anitique furniture sites especially on line. Now they created me my web site used their team of professional marketers that produce me a product to sell, and I had pay them another $2000. Remember this was my retirement money from my job from getting hurt but instead the company that was on web site did not even sell antiques furniture.I do not if you can help me get my money back and I did filed a report with Burea of consumer affairs but they Duvera is a payment company and their nothing they can do to help me. Please if anything warn people like me middle age or retired did not trust any kind of company they claims fast results for getting rich.

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