Advantage Rent A Car Economy Rent A Car

Advantage Rent A Car Economy Rent A Car

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Published: 16 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Incident San Jose Costa Rica Economy Rent A car Afiliate in the US Advantage Rent a Car Hi, Please read this reports from other consumers and vivist this website Report: Advantage Rental Car — Economy Rental Car Advantage Rental Car — Economy Rental Car Dishonest, and Insensitive Beyond Compare San Jose, Costa Rica Nationwide /Auto-Truck-Rental/Advantage-Retal-Car/advantage-rental-car-econom-AD7BA.htm This photos are from the manager of economy rent a car that he sent he says the damage is in the back, look at the hood how many time this car has been paintedtoyota 2005 Plate number 581392 contract number 0186134 rented 11/21/07 11:20 am. The car was given to me with 105617 Kilometers a beater with dents and warning lights turning on and sounding breaks they never did service this car properly. Paid $107 for two days now they want to charge me for a dent I never cause. This was an economy car manual Transmission.I asked to speak to the manager they keep giving the round a round a manager Never available. This a great example of corporate white collar crime, this people pray on tourists. I am an employee of a major US company of ethics and standards this guys are just plain crooks. My driving record in the US is perfect, I have been going to Costa Rica and driving there For over 15 years, I kept the car in private parking lots and my house well kept, no way This dent was caused under my control. First when I spoke to Carlos Zuniga he said the damage was on the passenger Side, Bobby Bianca said it was on the driver’s side their story did not macth Basically there is no dent but their only concern is to fabricate a dent so they Get some money out of it. What one of the managers tried to tell me is that Boby Cianca is that sometimesThe clerks are too lazy to do the proper checks so they let the client go, since This car had a lot of dents they decided to forward this bill to and try to either make me pay for a dent someone else caused or just caused the dent after I left Because the car has some many dents and scars, however painted this car did a poor job as you can see in the photos, this guys charge us prices then They go hire cheap labor and materials and they just do keep patch up jobs, then they go and charge huge amounts. Unscrupulous employees in some agencies work a scam by charging for the same trivial scratch over and over Hi, I live in Florida,last weekend 11/24/07 thru 11/25/07 I went to Costa Rica and rented a car from economy rent a car, I want to report fraud from this company, first of all they gave me a Toyota with 106,000 Kilometers that had a lot of dents, I inspected the car and showed the employee that the car was dented the the young girl Lisbeth Solano said don’t worry about it has been noted, also I rented a economy car from them which they told me to put the maximum insurance on it, so I did I paid $53 a day with all the maximum coverage you can get, Monday morning 11/26/07 I returned the car at the airport and they guy told me everything was ok, later when I arrived in the US I got a call from them telling me that there was a dent on the car, they advised me that I should contact my credit card company so they would pay for it thru their insurance. First of all I have been travelling to Costa Rica for over 15 years I have a business there I have heard horror stories from other Americans who have rented cars there however I thought I was careful and would be covered. The way they work is they put on charges that don’t exist or pass it on to the next consumer because they miss it the first time. They want to get money from the credit card company/client and also they get money from their local insurance (INS) Instituto Nacional De Seguros,also labor is cheap there so they hire local guys to do the work for them like this car it had been repainted and patched several times, plus remember they also make the customer get the maximum coverage of insurance when they a

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